Monday Morning Update

May 13, 2013

Sharing Wisdom: At a reception honoring Katie Conboy's 26 years of service to the College, Katie recalled a particular kind of Stonehill story about the way wisdom is passed from one generation to another. After she agreed to serve a six-month stint as Academic Vice President and Dean, she asked former Dean Fr. Robert Kruse, C.S.C. for advice. In the next two paragraphs, Katie tells the story in her own words:

Bob had been a much-beloved Academic Dean at an earlier Stonehill moment. At this point, he was Executive Vice President, and I asked him what had made him so successful as a Dean. I was looking for concrete advice, and here's what I got: Bob said there were some deans he knew who were unsuccessful because they were skeptics. They enjoyed arguing against everything--even things they agreed with. He said he thought that in order to be a successful academic leader, one had to be a romantic. A romantic? What did that mean? I knew there was some hidden wisdom in his words, but I didn't know what!

Well, in thirteen years in the role, I've come to my own conclusions about what Bob meant. To be a romantic in this job is to be capable of falling in love with other people's ideas and then using the available resources in such a way as to realize them. Whatever successes I've enjoyed in this job, they have all been the result of shared ideas and shared work. Work shared by faculty and staff across the whole institution. Work designed to improve the student experience in all its manifestations.

Farewell: We wish Katie success at Simmons College where she will serve as Provost and Senior Vice President. 

Munich Bound: With a prestigious DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship under her belt, Abby Bongaarts '15 will spend her junior year at the University of Munich, taking history, literature and culture classes in German. In Munich, she will also conduct archival research for her senior thesis, which will examine environmental policy during the Nazi era. The DAAD scholarship is Germany's equivalent of the Fulbright Program in America and Bongaarts is the second Stonehill student to earn one in the last three years. She credits her professors for the encouragement they provided her during the application process.

Shout Out: Congrats to Laura Hayes '12 on earning the third highest score on the state's 2012 CPA exam.

Purple Crosswalks: Suddenly they appeared at 30+ locations across campus, but the painted crosswalks did not emerge from thin air. They stem from a report by TargetX, a company that has been advising Admissions and Facilities on ways in which we can improve our campus experience for prospective students. Given that they were going to paint the crosswalks white anyway for Commencement, Facilities seized the opportunity to switch to Stonehill purple, reinforcing our visual identity, which received another boost with the newly-installed road signs that honor many Holy Cross priests who have served the College.

An American Story: A political science major at Stonehill, David Simas '92 is today Deputy Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. From Taunton, Simas previously served as a top policy advisor to the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick. He is also a first generation American as his parents emigrated from Portugal in the late 1960s. In a recent White House video, Simas spoke about his family's American journey. In addition, he explained why he supports the administration's approach to immigration.