Monday Morning Update

October 21, 2019

HEALTH & WELLNESS: “We decided what we really needed, in addition to our education and awareness initiatives, was a way to be nimble in our approach to responding to student concerns as they arise,” says Vice President for Student Affairs Pauline Dobrowski. Connecting the dots after conversations with Robin McQueen-Lynch ’80 and Bob Flynn ’87, “we proposed the idea of creating a fund that would help us bring discussions of health and wellness into the mainstream on campus.” Find out how we’re addressing mental health. 

THE LONG RUN: “Coach Boen emphasized the idea that we must never judge ourselves from our best or worst day. If you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone (which I believe you should), you will be faced with challenges and obstacles that won’t be enjoyable to overcome. It happened with running, and I know it will happen in my career," shared Alex Demeule ’19, the 2019 NE10 Conference Man of the Year. Find out what makes Demeule run 

MUST LOVE DOGS: “The minute the kennel doors would close, I’d hop in my car and dash off to class. I worked about 70-plus hours a week, so it wasn’t unusual for me to have my textbooks open on the grooming table or for tufts of dog hair to waft to the floor in class when I opened my book,” says Tracie Laliberte ’96, who is one of seven alumni that share how they work with man’s best friend each day. Get your puppy fix 

STUDENT RETREATS: “I can see a student start asking the right questions about faith, about God, about who they want to be, and they are excited to pursue the answers. It’s a beautiful blessing to be in the midst of that experience,” says Campus Minister Rev. Matthew Fase, C.S.C. Find out more.  

UNIQUELY STONEHILL: “What’s uniquely Stonehill is not only those unforgettable times we spent together, but also the unspoken guiding principles that embodied the Making of a Person mantra – humility, selflessness, compassion, devotion, loyalty, and yes, light and hope (Lux et Spes). It is the full Stonehill experience that has allowed us to forge such powerful bonds that, despite that inevitable passing of friends will never die,” writes Stephen Burke ’80. Read his reflection. 

This Week on the Hill 
Stonehill’s Learning Communities exemplify our commitment to creating a flexible student-centered climate that promotes academic challenge, cooperative learning and authentic community. 
Wed., Oct. 23 | 5 PM | Dining Commons  

Hosted by the Office of Graduate Admission, a series of speakers discuss why change is inevitable, necessary, challenging, and remains a relevant conversation in today’s world. 
Sat., Oct. 26 | 9 AM-1 PM | Martin Institute  

Did you ever want to know the truth about the ghosts of Stonehill, or see the secret prayer spaces on campus, or learn where the bodies are buried? Find out from Fr. Tony Szakaly, rain or shine. 
Sun., Oct. 27 | 4 PM | Chapel of Mary  

10/22: W. Volleyball v. St. Anselm 
10/23: Football v. U. New Haven; M. Soccer v. College of St. Rose 
10/26: Equestrian Home Show (Stoughton); W. Soccer v. Adelphi 
Click here for a schedule that includes all sports 
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