Monday Morning Update

April 29, 2019

NEW ALUMNI MAGAZINE: Our cover story features Mary Latham ’09, who took a tragic time in her life and embarked on a mission to capture examples of human kindness. In her story, she notes, "Every day, all around us, there are people doing small little acts of kindness for others. Tiny little acts that are changing lives..."
Meet Mary.

ADMISSIONS ADVICE: “Advice for college applicants: there is no perfect fit when it comes to finding a college, but there is a right fit. The sooner prospective students understand the difference, the more enjoyable the college search becomes.” - O’Shane Morgan ’16, Admission Counselor
Find out more here.

MURDER MYSTERY: "You should always be looking for the stories other people don’t see. You need to look in the shadows. Every person has a story. You just have to ask him or her to tell it." - Maureen Boyle, Associate Professor of Communication
Check it out here.

MATHEMATICALLY MINDED: “Graduation day—my roommates and I walking up the hill from Jefferson House to Donahue Hall, arm in arm, to line up for the processional. It is a moment that is etched in my mind and in my heart.” - Timothy Woodcock '93, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Meet Professor Woodcock here.

LEGENDARY LEGACY: “I grew up as one of five kids in the projects in Brighton. My father repaired typewriters for the Remington Rand company, and my mother worked long before most mothers worked. I got a full-tuition scholarship to Stonehill. I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise.” - Francis X. Dillon '70, former Vice President for Advancement
See Fran’s story here.

Good luck everyone!
Wed., May 1 | Last day of classes
Thu., May. 2 | Reading day (or make up day)
Fri., May. 3 | Reading day
Sat., May. 4 | First day of Final Exams

5/2: Baseball v. St. Anselm
5/3: Baseball v. St. Anselm (Doubleheader)

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