Monday Morning Update

July 31, 2017

The Ambassador: 23 year-old Yaniv Kovalski '21 isn't your typical incoming freshman. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Kovalski is the first player from the Kraft Family Israel Football League to head to the United States to play NCAA ball. This past week, the Washington Post profiled Kovalski and his journey to Stonehill. Read the piece here.

Global Security: In Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, last month, Stonehill faculty and students participated in a major global security studies conference as part of the Learning Inside Out Network (LION) program. Focusing on global peace within a local framework, they explored how corruption, environmental degradation, domestic violence, and armed conflicts shape security conditions for individuals, communities and states alike. Political Science Professor Anna Ohanyan and LION Scholars Erica Cordatos ’19 and Daniel Lavigne ’18 discuss the conference in the following video.

New Predator: Nashville is a hot hockey town these days and Dan Muse ’05 is headed there as the Predators new assistant coach. An up-and-coming coach, Muse works well with young players and is known for his energy and passion. His record includes an NCAA title with Yale and the USHL’s Clark Cup with Chicago Steel this year. For more on Muse, who played NCAA III hockey while at Stonehill, visit here.

School Supplies: More than 40 alumni and friends will gather on August 17 in Alumni Hall for the annual backpack drop-off, which last year provided 230 backpacks for local children. Now in its 14th year, the Back-to-School Backpack Project is one of our most successful alumni service initiatives, having provided 2,500+ children with school supplies since 2004. To donate backpacks or supplies, drop them off at the Alumni Office, on the third floor of the Merkert-Tracy Building, or check out the Amazon list created by the Committee.

Artful Combination: For his favorite Disney movie, James Bohn, author of Music in Disney’s Animated Features, picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As Bohn, our Music Technology Director, said in a recent interview: “I don’t think there’s any single narrative film that so artfully combines music and animation.” For more on Bohn and the impact of music on Disney movies, visit here.

Remembering Brother Mike's: What are your fondest memories of Brother Mike's when it was in O’Hara Hall? Do you remember the drink tickets and plastic cups? What about the foosball table? Did the jukebox play your favorite song? Did you met your closest friends there? The Stonehill Alumni Magazine wants to hear from you. Send your memories to at your earliest convenience. And if you have any Brother Mike's memorabilia or photos, please let us know. You might be included in the next magazine!

Let’s Do The Numbers: In fiscal year 2017, the College processed 7,867 gifts from 4,615 donors to 284 different designations for a total of $11,118,585 in cash raised. Thank you to everyone who gave.