Monday Morning Update

May 22, 2017

Commencement 2017: With the sky bright and sunny, 548 students participated in the College’s 66th Commencement yesterday. That number includes those who earned their degrees in September or December or who plan to complete their degree this September. It also includes students who are completing their first-year at the University of Notre Dame as part of the College’s 3-2 engineering program with ND. For a full roundup of the ceremony, visit here.

Snapshot: For photo highlights from Commencement, visit here.

Unplug: In her Commencement address, NBC correspondent Anne Thompson gave the graduates three guideposts for life—truth, dreams, and faith—and advised them to unplug and find time to be still: “It is hard to hear your own voice if you are always listening to someone else’s. It is hard to know the truth, it’s hard to dream and it’s hard to have faith if you are being constantly bombarded by incoming information.” Only when we are quiet and still, she added, “can you hear the unmistakable authority of your heart’s own conviction.” Read more on Thompson's speech here.

Seeds of Hope: In his remarks, President John Denning, C.S.C. spoke about people who put themselves at the service others, becoming, in the words of Pope Francis, “seeds of hope.” He noted how each of our honorees have given unreservedly to others and called on the graduates to “always have the courage to think of your neighbor and to be a seed of hope in the world.” For more, visit here.

Changed Person: In his remarks, student speaker Edward Carbone '17 shared that he is a changed person thanks to his Stonehill experience. At the College, he has made life-long friends, secured a cool job and become closer to God. He credits Fr. Jim Lies, C.S.C. and Fr. Rick Gribble for the latter. He also noted that given the troubles that surround us, Stonehill graduates have the ability to change the world. For more, visit here.

These Roots: Speaking on behalf of the 65 previous classes, Alumni Council President Steven Viveiros ’98 reminded graduates they represent what a Stonehill education produces and he advised: “Respect that, honor that, treasure that and always remember these roots. Be proud of your time on the Hill, share it with others in your future, and think about how you can pay it forward to future students who will one day walk these halls.” For more, visit here.

Free the Hawk: The senior class came together to #FreetheHawk and raised more than $5,600 for a bronze statue of the Skyhawk mascot, a symbol of school pride. The statue is scheduled be installed in front of the Sports Complex. To make a gift, visit here.

Honoree Citations: Speaker Anne Thompson received a Doctor of Humane Letters degree in recognition of her pioneering career in journalism. Bishop Arthur Colgan ’68 received a Doctor of Theology degree for bringing light and hope to the people of Peru. JoAnn Burton received a Doctor of Humanities for her commitment to at-risk youth. Bob Simpson ’93 received a Doctor of Business Administration for bringing healing to children.

Breaking Ground: In the run up to Commencement and coinciding with the Trustees meeting, the College broke ground for the new Academic & Welcome Center on Thursday. To be built on the site of the Old Student Union, it will be a cornerstone of plans to transform the academic quad. Also, if the College is to attract strong classes in the years ahead, Center is critical to our enrollment outreach, ensuring that prospective students and their families visit campus to see first-hand what Stonehill has to offer. For more, visit here.