Monday Morning Update

August 29, 2016

Back to School: Over the weekend, the students arrived on campus and the start of the new academic year got underway. Classes begin tomorrow. Later today, after the Opening Mass of the Holy Spirit in the Pettit Atrium at 11 A.M., the focus will be on community engagement as 738 members of the Class of 2020 will spend the afternoon participating in service projects at 40 local organizations either doing direct service, such cleaning, painting, gardening, or engaging with local residents on advocacy and social justice issues. The first-years will be joined by 95 student leaders and 22 College employees and such an outreach underlies our mission of educating students who lead "with courage toward creating a more just and compassionate world."

Academic Convocation: We will celebrate the start of the 2016-2017 academic year on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. with Academic Convocation in the Sports Complex. The members of the Class of 2020 as well as transfer students will be formally welcomed to the College at the event. Biology Professor Bronwyn Heather Bleakley, who last year received the Louise F. Hegarty Award for Excellence in Teaching, will give the keynote address. As to who will receive the Hegarty Award this year, that’s a secret Provost Joe Favazza holds close to his vest until late Wednesday afternoon.

Mobile Market: In a recent article, the Boston Globe highlighted the good work of the College's Mobile Market, which provides fresh produce from The Farm at Stonehill, at a discounted price, to customers in the heart of Brockton, which is federally designated as a “food desert.” For more on how the Mobile Market team is addressing nutrition and wellness in an underserved community, visit here.

Cosmic Clash: When Dylan Arruda ’18 arrived at Stonehill, the word “entrepreneurship” was not even on his radar. However, the business courses he has taken at the College have stoked a fire in him. Now Arruda is developing a product that incorporates his passion for gaming--a fast-paced tabletop dice game called Cosmic Clash, which is designed for two to four players, who can either compete individually or on teams. A marketing major, he has been working on a prototype since April and is eager to get a toy company like Hasbro to pick up his game for distribution. For more, visit here.

Psychology Major: After declaring a psychology major her sophomore year, Sarah Hill ’14 found herself on a fast-track to success. Establishing an academic home in the Psychology Department, she sampled a wide range of niche fields from child psychology to sports psychology, which helped her zero in on her passions: abnormal psychology and counseling. By her junior year, she had her first internship followed by two more top internships in her senior year. Today, she is a mental health research assistant at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence. For more on Sarah and the opportunities that psychology majors enjoy at Stonehill, visit here.

Emergency Training: While the chances of finding yourself in an active shooter scenario are the same as being struck by lightning, the College is taking such possibilities seriously. To prepare faculty, staff and students, the Stonehill College Police Department is offering a new active shooter training model called ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. Endorsed by the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service and FEMA, the program offers a set of proactive strategies that increase chances of survival during an active shooter situation. Liam Dacko ’16 participated in a recent ALICE training and you can read his story on the program, here.

Skyhawk Football: Don’t forget, football season begins this Friday, September 2 at W.B. Mason Stadium when the Skyhawks take on Bloomsburg at 6 p.m. For more on the team, visit here.