Monday Morning Update

August 15, 2016

Expanding Horizons: In preparing students for an ever-shifting job market, the College has added or reclassified various programs of study to better connect with today’s opportunities. These new or enhanced programs include Health Science, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Science, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Chinese, Arabic, and Music Technology. For more on these new offerings, which give students a wider range of career options after graduation, visit here.

School of Rock: People aren’t kidding when they say Stonehill rocks. As an incentive for participating in the rigorous Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus (CLA+) initiative, Biology major Dieter Kuhlka ’16 walked away with a flashy purple guitar that would have made musical icon Prince jealous. By the way, the Stratocaster-style guitar was hot-rodded by Todd Gernes, assistant dean of general education and academic achievement, who teaches a summer course in which students design and build their own electric guitars. For more, visit here.

Pennies from Heaven: When the Rev. Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C. died last year, the College lost a legendary priest, scholar and administrator. However, thanks to a coin collection Fr. Kruse inherited from his father, the Kruse legacy got a boost recently when the College sold 63 coins for a total of $8,376. This sale will benefit the Robert and Dorothy (Oliger) Kruse Scholarship, established by Fr. Kruse in memory of his parents.  A close friend of Fr. Kruse, Craig Binney ’83, associate vice president for finance and operations, worked on the sale of the coins, which he described as a “pennies from heaven outcome, one that would really please Fr. Kruse as it will help students.”

Local Pride: A new video showcasing Easton’s many attractions includes a shout out to the College, which has called the Town home since we opened in 1948. Committed to fostering ever-stronger town-gown relations, President John Denning, C.S.C. recently sent a check for $40,000 to the Town. An annual gift, it is a token of our commitment to our neighbors and an expression of appreciation for their support. To see the video, narrated by the Chair of the Selectman, Kevin McIntyre ’79, a local attorney who studied political science at the College, visit here.

Making Friends: Inspired by her experience as a counselor at Camp Shriver, a full inclusion camp for children hosted at Stonehill every summer, Julia Devine ’17 recently reflected on the bonds forged by the young campers. Writing for The Odyssey, she discusses the importance of showing children that everyone deserves friendship, regardless of disability. To read her piece, visit here.

School Supplies: On Tuesday evening, we expect more than 40 alumni and friends to gather in Alumni Hall for the annual backpack drop-off, which last year provided 270 backpacks for local children starting the school year. Now in its 13th year, the Back-to-School Backpack Project is one of our most successful alumni service initiatives, having provided more 2,300 local children with school supplies since 2004. If you wish to donate backpacks or supplies today or tomorrow, please drop them off at the Alumni Office, which is on the third floor of the Merkert Tracy building.

On the Ball: In support of the Brockton Police Department's Police in the Streets basketball tournament, which works to enhance police-community relations, the Stonehill College Police Department recently collected a large selection of basketballs, footballs, or soccer balls from faculty, staff and students on campus. As a result, many of the local children who attended the free tournament in Brockton on Saturday went home with a gift of a ball.