Monday Morning Update

January 25, 2016

Handshake Blitz: In searching for jobs, internships and mentors, students need to be able to make seamless connections if they are to thrive in a competitive market. With its new career management system, Handshake, Career Services has just launched a powerful, easy-to-use online career platform with countless opportunities for all majors. To promote the new platform, every day this week, the Career Services Team will be doing a Handshake Blitz in the Dining Commons at lunchtime where students will be entered to win raffle items for using the platform. To learn more about this exciting new tool, visit here.

MLK Pledge: Last week, students, faculty and staff honored Dr. King’s legacy of civil rights and non-violence by signing the MLK Community Day Pledge to work for a more equitable, inclusive College and community for all people. To see photos, visit here. To read three reflections on the meaning of Dr. King’s statement that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, visit here.

Liberal Education: In a touching homily for the late Rev. Robert Kruse, C.S.C., ’55, his friend and brother in Holy Cross, Rev. Peter Walsh, C.S.C., ’84 recalled a Fr. Kruse quote on the value of liberal education, which reads: “I think that such an education contributes mightily to making both individuals and societies wiser, more tolerant of differences, more just in those relationships that call for justice, more understanding in those relationships that demand understanding. Insofar as it helps us appreciate the inconsistencies and contradictions in human life, a liberal education nourishes our sense of humor too."  To read Fr. Walsh’s homily, visit here.

Library Love: As a teenager, Jason Homer ’09 did not like to read. Today, books surround him at the Marlborough Public Library where he is the assistant director. Homer credits a campus reference librarian who helped him on a first-year English project with sparking a change that prompted him to earn a master’s degree in library/information science. And, that attentive librarian was none other than Joe Middleton, head reference librarian, who has been effectively assisting Stonehill library users for two decades. For more, visit here.

Conflicted Loyalties: Over 100,000 German men with partial Jewish ancestry served in Hitler’s army. It’s a little known part of Holocaust history but the story is now being told in a one person play The Mitzvah (The Good Deed), which comes to Stonehill tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. in Hemingway Theatre. In it, actor Roger Grunwald, a child of a Holocaust survivor, transforms himself into a variety of roles to capture the tragic situation of these German-half Jewish soldiers. After the play, he will discuss the history of German-Jewish assimilation that produced these soldiers. For more on the event, which is free and open to the public, visit here.

Age No Barrier: When he graduated in 2002, Maynard Hinden, who died recently at age 97, became the oldest person to graduate from the College. He was 83. Early in life, cost obliged him to curtail his studies at Boston University but the retired factory supervisor always wanted to return to school. That’s why his daughters gave him the gift of a Stonehill course, which turned into 15 years of earning his degree course by course. An honors student and multidisciplinary major, Hinden was an example of life-long learning and a great advocate for it.

Murder Mystery: In between teaching creative writing at Boston College and serving as the Director of Social Ministries at a parish in Charlestown, Tom MacDonald ’80 is a successful crime novelist with his third book The Revenge of Liam McGrew on the shelves. In it, amateur sleuth Dermot Sparhawk is caught up in revenge and murder in Boston and Belfast. MacDonald is now working on this fourth book but we have three copies of The Revenge of Liam McGrew. Email