Monday Morning Update

November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving: Thanks to everyone who shared why they are thankful this holiday and regrets that we cannot include every submission. Below are 11 Thanksgiving reflections by members of our community.

Gift of Perspective: My son, Jesse, died a little over two years ago, one short week after graduating from Stonehill. I am thankful for having had him in my life for 25 years.  I am still learning about Jesse from his friends, who tell me stories of his generosity and wisdom and integrity.  I am also thankful for the gift of perspective: daily struggles are no big deal when measured against the death of a child. So I am thankful for the gift of serenity, which exists alongside the sadness. And I am thankful for the gift of knowing him. Wendy Hanawalt Lead Faculty Administrative Assistant

Standing Strong: Born with a rare form of dwarfism known as Morquio Syndrome, my leg joints never formed correctly. They expired over a year ago and surgery was rescheduled 10 times. Just recently I got two new knees. Although recovery has been challenging, even overwhelming, I am grateful that modern science has allowed this to happen.  I look forward to being pain free and standing on my new, strong joints. I am grateful for the amazing support of family and friends, many of whom are part of the Stonehill family. Courtney Mulligan ’04

God’s Guidance: I am thankful because life has not gone as planned and many challenges have come my way but the Lord has guided me every step of the way and life is good! Tresa Rolando Salters '85

Best College: My son, Matthew ’19, is happy to have found the best college to support his individual growth and potential, as well as his connection to the community in a warm and caring environment. Jill Lawlor

Baby Kisses: My 14-month old blows us kisses whenever we ask! Holly (Paragona) Messner '05

Unconditional Love: When I think about my mother and father, I realize all of the amazing sacrifices they make for me. They work tirelessly at two jobs each to provide me with my Stonehill education. If it wasn't for their generous help and support in sending me to my top-choice school, I never would have met my girlfriend and love of my life. I am so thankful for these amazing people because their unconditional love has provided me with the incredible life. They deserve more than the mere "thank yous" I say to them every day. Emily Tokarowski '16

Wonder of Life: I am thankful for the wonder of life and God’s ever present grace in our lives. This year started out with deep sadness and grief from the loss of my brother Leo Piché at far too young of an age in May. However, the birth of our beautiful grandson Bennett Bond to our daughter Renée (Rogers) Bond ’08 and her husband in September reminds us of the circle of life -- how precious life is and how God brings joy into our lives. Suzanne MacCormack ’79

Testing Limits: Last year I struggled with the transition to college and missed the comforts of home. Now, I have a newfound appreciation for my college experience. I have had immense opportunity to become involved in the Stonehill community, and I cannot picture being anywhere else. I am thankful to wake up each day in an environment that encourages me to test my limits and pursue my passions. Madison McGlone ’18

Flaws Forgiven: I am grateful for the people in my life who support me, accept me for who I am, offer their love, guidance and respect, nurture me, forgive me for my flaws, protect me, and encourage me to be the best version of myself – someone that God, my family, and friends can be proud of. In turn, I will endeavor to treat others with the same spirit of love, respect, and forgiveness. Melinda Rios, Advancement Division

Beyond Comfort: I'm thankful for the ability to freelance after a corporate layoff before finding the perfect job, one that challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone of working from home the past four years. I'm now working in Boston and loving it. Change and challenge can be a really great thing. Mary Hart ’94

Bonds of Friendship: I feel very blessed for the friends I met at college. For ten years now, 15 of us have gathered for an August cookout and, every year, we reconnect with more classmates. In the ’70s, our Stonehill education was described as “The Making of a Person,” which turned out to be the creation of friendship bonds full of love and gratitude. Greg Meallo ’81 father of Lindsey Meallo ’18. For more, visit here.

Thank You: To all of our readers, Happy Thanksgiving.