Monday Morning Update

November 2, 2015

Thai Life: For his semester abroad, Timothy Hughes ’16 studied at Chiang Mai University in Thailand but his experience also included a week-long homestay in a rural Thai village. Although fun and eye-opening, it was a challenge, as he writes, “No one in the village spoke English. Showers were a bucket of water and a pail, and toilets were a hole in the ground with no toilet paper. Alarm clocks were roosters, cats and dogs. Because of the language barrier, we did our best to communicate through hand-gestures and pointing.” The new issue of Tales From Abroad has more insight from Hughes, who really immersed himself in the politics of Thailand, as well as reports from many other students on their time abroad and how it has impacted them positively. To read their personal stories, visit here.

Farmer’s Market: Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Project Bread, The Farm at Stonehill operated a mobile market over the past six weeks in Brockton that provided fresh, affordable and organic produce to local residents who do not have access to healthy eating options. Operating near a high-rise apartment block with large elderly population, the mobile market, which will return in the spring, builds on The Farm’s commitment to addressing “food desert” conditions in parts of Brockton. The Anchor newspaper recently reported on this community outreach. To read it, visit here.

Close to Evil: In the Martin Institute recently, Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental recalled his experience during that dark era when he lost 35 family members. He also discussed his educational outreach challenging Holocaust denial and his efforts to seek reconciliation with one of his former Bergen-Belsen concentration camp guards. At the event, the audience saw a clip from the documentary Close to Evil, which looks at Reichental’s journey and the bridge he has established with Germans who are grappling with what their Nazi parents and grandparents did during the Holocaust. When the presentation ended, Reichental received a standing ovation with people waiting to talk to him and shake his hand. To see photos, visit here

17 Photos: Smart and with an eye for a good photo and snappy text, Emily Schario ’18 recently identified 17 great campus images that have appeared on Instagram. Her text and image combinations are too good to miss. To see them, visit here.

Hall of Fame: Congratulations to the newest members of our Athletic Hall of Fame. On Friday, the following honorees were inducted: Leo Meehan ’75 (Benefactor/Football), Sandy Xenos (Women’s Tennis Coach), Amy Bartlett ’02 (Field Hockey/Lacrosse), 1990 Men’s Soccer Team, 1991 Men’s Soccer Team, Julie Stockwell ’00 (Women’s Basketball). For a full report and photos, later today visit here.

Trick or Treat: Every Halloween, children of Stonehill employees, alumni and neighbors dress up and go Trick or Treating on campus. When the children visited the residence halls on Wednesday night, our students greeted them with a big, and very sweet, welcome. To see these Trick or Treat photos, visit here.

Timely Quotes: Recently, Professor of Psychology Bonnie Klentz was quoted in a Time article called What Trick or Treating Teaches US About Human Nature. To read it, visit here.

Being Thankful: With Thanksgiving approaching, we’d like to know why you might be thankful this season. The winning stories – keep them short and sweet because less is more -- will be featured in a web article before the holiday. Gift cards for the winners. Email