Learning to Bite Your Tongue on Facebook

June 14, 2017

Most often it’s your closest friends who see your savage post and comment something to cheer you up.

But what about all the other people that see your posts? Like, maybe people that work at the college you’re complaining about? Or your boss or your manager? Or that friend that you’re not really friends with anymore and your post was most definitely hinting at how much you can’t stand him or her. How do they feel?

You might think, oh well my boss doesn’t follow me or my manager would never check out my Facebook posts. Who would even have the time for that? But guess what? They will and they do.

Do you think your manager wants the image of his restaurant to be of rude, stuck up waiters and waitresses? Probably not.

Do you think your boss wants to see that his intern hates everything and thinks they’re too good to be there? Most definitely not.

Do you think your college wants to see floods of negative rants about their professors and staff? No, no and no. And even if the person, business or institution doesn’t come across your snarky posts that same day, once you hit ‘post’ your words are there forever and can easily come back to haunt you.

I totally agree, co-workers can be irritating. Customers can be overly demanding and rude and completely unaware of the hard work you are doing.

Trust me, I’ve worked in the food and customer service industry for five years now. I also get that some professors don’t stack up to your standards. But, there’s a time and a place to express your frustrations.

When you go to apply for a job and your potential employer looks through your Facebook page and sees angry post after angry post, do you really think that’s the image they want for their company? Furthermore, they’re going to be afraid you will carry that same temper and bitter attitude into their company.

It is so easy to type up something in the heat of your anger and frustration and hit ‘post’. It’s comforting to see that other people sympathize with you and have had similar experiences. But, it’s important to remember that once you post something, it’s out there forever.

And people tend to take things differently over text than in person. You can say something jokingly to your friend and they can tell it’s a joke, but over the computer screen it’s much harder to convey your true expressions.

Although it’s easy to post, it’s not always right. Don’t let one bad day ruin the rest of your professional career.

Instead of opening up the Facebook app, text your friend, call your significant other, vent to your roommate because when it comes to posting on Facebook, you really should bite your tongue.

Published courtesy of Rolling Stonehill, the College student-run culture magazine.