Boy, Oh, Boy! Locals Celebrate Royal Birth

August 1, 2013

Lisa Hagopian was on pins and needles Monday, starting when news broke in the morning that Kate Middleton was in labor and the royal baby was on its way.

"I've been on edge all day waiting for the news. All day at work, I was sneaking peeks at the news," she said.

Hagopian isn't shy about her fascination with the British royal family.

She threw a royal wedding party in 2011 and a "Crowns and Gowns" baby shower earlier in the month.

The shower's proceeds were donated to New Hope, an Attleboro agency dedicated to helping women and families affected by domestic and sexual violence.

"I have the chills. I just love babies. I haven't been this excited for a baby since my own," Hagopian said.

After work, she met with friends at Jr.'s Bar and Grill on Pine Street in Attleboro, where the baby shower was held, to celebrate the birth of the royal baby.

"I'm just so excited that it's a boy. I wanted a little prince to be born," she said.

While Hagopian is thrilled the baby is a boy, her friends had their fingers crossed for a princess.

"I was hoping for a girl. I wanted a little princess," said Stephanie Connors, a friend of Hagopian and co-owner of Jr.'s.

Bonnie Gaudreau, a close friend of Hagopian who attended both the wedding party and the baby shower, was also hoping for a pink bundle of joy.

"I thought it was going to be a girl. That's what I was hoping for," she said.

Monday's celebration was much smaller than the wedding party or baby shower, but the excitement and joy still ran high.

When a recap of the birth came on the evening news, everyone in the bar quieted down to hear the news from London.

"That baby is going to be so spoiled," a customer remarked.

"Of course he is. All babies should be spoiled. I hope he will be," Hagopian quickly responded.

Now that the baby has arrived, Hagopian is looking forward to the release of the name.

"I hope they use Spencer in the name somehow, to honor Diana. I'm sure they have something in mind, and we will hear soon," she said.

Though the baby has just been born, Hagopian has already started planning her next royal bash in honor of the baby's first birthday. Like with the shower, Hagopian hopes the party can benefit a group or charity.

"Oh, we will have to do something. Maybe we will throw a party and donate to a kid's charity. We have time to think, but we will definitely do something," she said.