Alums Connect Through The Summit

February 12, 2015

Stonehill alum Lindsay Briggs finally got the chance to meet one of the strangers who helped her after she underwent a double lung transplant while a student seven years ago.

She spotted him as he walked through the door at an alumni event for Summit editors and staff at Donahue Hall, Jan. 31.

Ken Staffey ‘93 and a former Summit editor, donated airline miles to fly one of Briggs’ closest friends to Pittsburgh to be with Briggs during her transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“I donated the hotel and airline points to do what I could to help. I was inspired to help because this was a student in need and we also had the connection as editors. I had the points and it certainly seemed like a worthy cause,” Staffey said.

A number of community fundraisers were held for Briggs, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, to help her and her family cover medical and travel expenses to Pittsburgh as she underwent treatment.

In February 2008, Briggs and her family were given scary news.

“The doctor told my mom that I had three to five days to live without a double lung transplant,” Briggs said.

That’s when Staffey, stepped in. He was one of the many people from the Stonehill community to help Briggs.

Briggs and Staffey, both former Summit Editors, did not know each other.

“It is nice to know there are still kind and generous people out there in the world,” Briggs said. Though friends on Facebook since the procedure, Briggs and Staffey had never met in person until Stonehill’s recent Alumni Day that hosted a reunion Summit staffers and alumni.

It was there that they hugged, and posed for a photo.

“I was excited when I saw that Lindsay was one of the attendees since I felt like I kind of already knew her. We were introduced shortly after I arrived and it was great to finally meet her in person after all these years,” Staffey said.

Briggs marvels at how they were first brought together.

“He didn’t even know me except for the fact that I went to Stonehill, and that connection brought us together,“ she said.

Briggs, finished her courses after the transplant, and worked in the news industry after graduation. Now, she’s pursuing a graduate degree in education.

She returns to campus during the summer to teach journalism at one of the education camps held on campus.

Seven years after graduation, Briggs said the College still holds a special place in her heart.

“Stonehill College is a special place to me. It is a place where I met my best friends, found my career, and made long-lasting relationships with the faculty and staff there.”