10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Career Services this Semester

February 24, 2016

Career Services is one of the many helpful offices that allows Stonehill students to make the most of their time here. Although there are countless reasons why you should all take advantage of the help provided by the Career Services staff, here are just a few of the most important ones that will hopefully make a visit to the office a top priority for you this semester.

  1. The Staff- First of all, the staff is amazing. Whether you need help enhancing your resume, applying to internships or just want to talk, they are always willing to help. The staff makes you feel right at home and they are all approachable and easy to talk to.
  2. The Resources- The abundance of resources in Career Services allows for endless information to help guide us in applying for prospective jobs and internships. From the shelves of informational books about majors, careers and internships to the free self-assessments like The Strong Interest Inventory and Focus to help students explore their interests and strengths, Career Services has it all.
  3. Handshake- The recently added Handshake program is one of the greatest resources Career Services has to offer. With listings of over 350 employers looking to recruit Stonehill students, a mobile IOS app to allow for 24/7 access to the site and the ability to make appointments with the Career Services staff online, Handshake makes our lives as students that much easier. The site has already proven to be a great success and surely will help every student make the most of their time here at Stonehill.
  4. Intern Away- The Intern Away program promoted by Career Services is yet another unique aspect of the office that provides us students with endless opportunities. The destinations include Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, and New York City. With this program, students get the chance to live away for a semester and also work in a completely different environment, gaining professional experience and memories that will last a lifetime. You could get the chance to work at places like NBC Universal in L.A., Carnegie Hall in NYC or the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C.
  5. Resume/Cover Letter Assistance- Your resume and cover letter are two of the key factors for employers to decide whether they should hire you or not. However, there is no need to worry because Career Services has you set. Walk-ins are available at least three hours every day to meet with one of the staff members so that they can help you edit your resume and cover letter.
  6. Interview Assistance- The interview is another important part of the internship and job application process that will ultimately determine whether you get the job or not. Lucky for you Career Services will help you every step of the way in preparing for interviews, but they even make it possible for you to interview with employers in their office here at Stonehill. The staff will help you think of great questions to ask interviewers and even conduct mock interviews so that you are completely prepared for your real interview.
  7. How to Negotiate a Job Offer- When it comes to negotiating a job offer, it can be tricky to get what you want while still making sure you show your enthusiasm and willingness to work. That is why Career Services will educate you on different steps to take when accepting a job offer and how to go about asking certain questions. They even provide you with resources such as Career Bliss and Glass Door so that students can determine whether a job offer is a good one or not.
  8. Helpful Info Sessions and Events- Career Services hosts many events and programs to help students make connections with employers, learn about different fields of work, and learn how to make themselves marketable to employers through sites like LinkedIn. For example, Career Services is hosting a Career Lunch Feb. 24 to give students the chance to talk to Stonehill alumni and local employers about career choices and what it is like to work in a given field. This is a great opportunity for students to make connections that could really benefit them in the future.
  9. #HireStonehill- The #HireStonehill Certification allows students to submit their resume and participate in on-campus recruiting with employers like such as the Boston Celtics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Fidelity Investments, Talbots, QuickPivot, PWC and Goldman Sachs.
  10. Post-Graduate Success- Lastly, you should visit Career Services because they will help you obtain internships, jobs, apply to graduate school, or even plan to do post-graduate service As of 2015, 85 percent of Stonehill Graduates had a job six months after graduation, 79 percent had been admitted to graduate school six months after graduation, and 100 percent of graduates who wanted to do service were accepted to service programs. As you can see, the Career Services office here at Stonehill is nothing short of spectacular. They can help students do things that they may have never even thought possible before talking with the Career Services. Whether you are looking for help figuring out what it is exactly that you want to do with your life or you want to find out more about one of the many opportunities that you can take advantage of in your time here at Stonehill, Career Services is the place to go. No matter what class year you are or major you should definitely make the time to visit Career Services and let them help you start thinking about your future.