From ND, Our Engineers Send Greetings

September 7, 2017

Twenty recent Stonehill graduates are currently studying at the University of Notre Dame as part of the College’s 3-2 engineering program with our sister school. Above are 13 of them with Rev. Jim Lies, C.S.C. ( left) and Rev. Tim Mouton, C.S.C (right). From left to right, they are Michael Rozelsky ’18 , Michael Skinner ’18, Praveen Jain ’17, Andrew Hunt ’17, Jose Montalvo ’18, Mark Hamalian ’18, Jorge Melendez ’18, Constance Hodge ’18, Meghan Jordan ’18, Thomas Flanagan ’17, Stephen Munzi ’17, Alec Borowsky ’17, and Clay Anderson ’17. Big thanks to Andew Hunt ’18 for taking the picture and sending it to us.