Stonehill to Host Its First-Ever BioBlitz This Weekend

October 2, 2015

On Sunday morning, over 50 students and faculty members from the College will join forces with several advanced science students from Brockton High School for the first ever Bio Blitz at Stonehill. Leading the charge for the event has been Assistant Professor of Biology Nicholas Block.

Modeled after last year’s BioBlitz at Wildland Trust’s Audubon Preserve in Brockton, teams of students and faculty members will spread out across campus to help identify the vast array of plant and animal species found on the Stonehill campus.

The teams will reconvene at the Shields Science Center to turn in their checklists and discuss some of their findings. Afterwards, students from Brockton High School will have the opportunity to take guided tours of the Science Center.

“This first BioBlitz will help us establish a baseline that we can continue to build on over the years,” explains Block. “As we learn more and more about campus biodiversity, we can start using the data we gather to drive lesson plans in our biology and environmental studies courses. We can also use participation in the BioBlitz as a learning tool. For example, my Ornithology students will be applying what they've learned to help BioBlitz teams document the birds on campus,” notes Block.  

Getting students to look at nature a little more closely is Block’s main goal. “There's a huge amount of biodiversity out there that most people don't notice or know about, even on a small suburban campus like Stonehill’s.”