Stonehill Launches New Visual Mark

October 7, 2013

Stonehill unveiled today a new visual mark at a special community presentation in the Pettit Atrium of the Shields Science Center. The new mark, which was designed by Malcolm Grear Designers, serves as a visual expression of the College’s treasured motto “Light and Hope” and allows Stonehill to articulate its intrinsic values. 

“The attributes embodied in the mark are all long-respected hallmarks of a Catholic liberal arts education and are true to the spirit of the Congregation of Holy Cross. They inspire our students to fearlessly reach for new heights, make meaningful choices and serve others,” said Stonehill Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing Chris Lydon.  The project was managed from its inception by members of the College’s Marketing Department.

Beginning last spring, Heather Bruntil, the College’s former director of marketing, led a steering committee which met with the Grear design team. In addition, the design team met with various members of the Stonehill community.  Last month, the College’s President, Fr. John Denning, C.S.C. and his senior leadership team approved the final version of the design.

The elements which make up the new visual mark are described below:

The Cross

The cross symbolizes Stonehill’s Catholic and Holy Cross mission and the deeply rooted values that Stonehill holds and will continue to hold.

The Anchors

The anchors are a symbol of hope. Hope is fostered and strengthened in Stonehill students so when they graduate and go out into the world, they are inspired to serve others in tangible and meaningful ways wherever they may go.

The Shield

A recognized mark of excellence and stature in higher education, the shield holds the elements of the identity together as one form. It also symbolizes refuge and protection, which help convey the sense that Stonehill is a place where students engage freely in academic inquiry and explore deep intellectual questions with the support of those around them.

Lux et Spes

The central tenants of the Stonehill experience are embodied in its Latin motto, “Lux et Spes” or “Light and Hope.” They strengthen each other synergistically, forming the foundation of Stonehill’s goals of educating the mind, but not at the expense of the heart. They guide the Stonehill experience, transforming students and preparing them for lives of purpose in ways that would not be possible were one to exist in the absence of the other.

The new mark will be used on the College’s website, institutional publications and digital materials but will not replace the historic seal of Stonehill. 

About Malcolm Grear Designers

Founded in 1960 as a two-person operation, the studio has grown under the creative vision and leadership of Malcolm Grear. Internationally recognized as a leader in two- and three-dimensional design, Malcolm Grear Designers provide its clients with imaginative solutions to a wide range of brand driven challenges.

Among its list of clients are Vanderbilt University, Salve Regina University, Harvard University, Brown University, the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, and the Presbyterian Church.