Stonehill Community Gives Thanks

November 17, 2016

Every year, we ask the Stonehill Community to share what they are thankful or grateful for at Thanksgiving. This year, the themes range from home and health to family, friends and faith.

Wonderful Journey: Thank you Stonehill for taking good care of my daughter. She continues to blossom in such a wonderful environment. I know she will graduate with a passion for whatever discipline she settles into. The path is meandering but such a wonderful journey at the College. Patrice Lyons

Great Job: I am thankful that my son Kyle ’14 got a very nice job in San Francisco thanks to the help of Career Services and one of his professors. Kyle is smart, a hard worker and kind to people who may have less than he does--these are values he learned at home and at Stonehill. He loved every minute of his four years. in your care! Kathy Randall

Deep Faith: For the rich faith of Catholicism that Stonehill embedded in me in my two and a half years there. The four Holy Cross Fathers that I studied with inspired in me a deep faith in God, which influences my decisions and life even having graduated 28 years ago. Joseph Tucker ’88

Second Home: For the friendships I made at Stonehill that helped me become who I am. Those friendships with fellow students and faculty continue to this day. Stonehill will forever be my second home. Mary Hart ’94

New Knees: I am grateful to be one-year post op from my double knee replacement!  I'm not 100% just yet, but I'm worlds better than I was at this time last year.  Next week I'm putting my new knees to good use, on a family trip to Disney World!! Courtney Mulligan ’04

Family Now: Grateful for old friends, work friends, school friends, friends that we have gotten to know through our children...some very special friends that my daughter has made and roomed with for four years at Stonehill. We have less family around now that our parents/grandparents are gone. I have more time to spend with friends, which allows me to stop and pause so I can appreciate them even more. They are our family now. Kerry Hughes

Pure & Simple: For a beautiful family, great friends and good health...working at Stonehill under great leadership and being surrounded by supportive professional staff and community as well as inspiring student-athletes. That’s it, pure and simple.  Go Hill! Kit Giffen, Athletics

Feeling Energized: For the beach! It brings me peace, brightens my mood, and makes me feel energized. I'm glad that something so amazing exists in nature. Adriana Solari ’20

Cancer Free: I am giving thanks to God this Thanksgiving for my two year old granddaughter’s good results on her last two MRI scans. Camryn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer when she was eight months old. After two surgeries, two rounds of chemo and a lot of prayer, she is now “cancer free!”  Rhonda Nickley, Student Financial Services