Stonehill and the City of Brockton Reach New Agreement on Waste Water

November 18, 2015

The City of Brockton and Stonehill College have reached an agreement on a new 20-year waste water contract, guaranteeing more funds to the City of Brockton and creating new scholarships for Brockton students attending Stonehill.

The new agreement, which is pending the approval of the Brockton City Council, will ensure that Brockton receives at least $1 million more in funding over 20 years compared to the previous contract. Stonehill College will assume the cost for future pipe construction, repair and maintenance.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Brockton will continue to issue individual bills for each of Stonehill’s 36 residence halls, ensuring that Stonehill students receive the same treatment as Brockton residents. A single block rate will cover the campus’s 16 non-residential buildings and Stonehill College has agreed to pay a 7.5 percent surcharge as an out-of-district customer.

The new agreement takes effect in January and updates previous terms of waste water billing, which had Stonehill receiving 58 separate bills for its usage. Stonehill will be subject to sewer rate changes by the City of Brockton.

As part of the agreement, Stonehill College has earmarked $2.8 million over 20 years to establish new scholarships exclusively for Brockton residents. The Brockton Superintendent of Schools will oversee the scholarship program, which is expected to be available to incoming students starting in 2016.

“This program is a win-win for Brockton taxpayers and the Stonehill community, ensuring over $1 million in added revenue for the City of Brockton and new scholarships for our top students to attend one of the nation’s best Catholic colleges,” said Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter.

“We are pleased to be coming to this agreement with the city and we are delighted to announce new scholarships for residents, bringing outstanding young men and women from Brockton through our doors,” said Father John Denning, President of Stonehill College. “Since its founding in 1948, some of Stonehill College’s best alumni are students who came to us from Brockton and it’s heartening to see that we will be welcoming more deserving Brockton students over the next two decades.”