Marketing Student Pursues Passion, Develops Tabletop Game

August 24, 2016

When Dylan Arruda ’18 first arrived at Stonehill, the word “entrepreneurship” was not even on his radar. However, the business courses he took in college stoked a fire in him. Now, Arruda is following his dream of developing a product that incorporates his passion for gaming.

Arruda, a marketing major from Swansea, Mass., launched a Kickstarter campaign Aug. 16 to raise money for Cosmic Clash, a fast-paced dice game that he designed himself.

During the first eight days of the campaign, Arruda raised over $1,000. He has until Sept. 30 to reach his $14,000 goal. Most of the funds raised will go toward manufacturing and shipping costs.

Cosmic Clash is designed for two to four players, who can either compete individually or on teams. Players are given three dice, each of which is emblazoned with different spaceship-themed symbols. Players roll all three dice up to three times to form different combinations of symbols, some of which have more value than others. Each combination is listed in an instruction booklet.

Players then have the option of rerolling the dice to form a better combination or keeping the combination they have. Players then apply the combinations in competition with each other.

Cosmic Clash, which takes about two minutes to play, is unlike any other tabletop dice game currently on the market.

“I wanted it to be something that was easy to learn, but fun,” Arruda said. “One thing I have often found with dice games is that they were too simple and they got boring pretty quickly. I wanted something that has replay value and is really exciting when it is played.”

Cosmic Clash has been in the works for a little over a year. Arruda developed the plans for the game last summer. Before beginning work on a prototype this past April, he got in touch with a manufacturer, copyrighted the game’s rule book and even applied to trademark his product’s name.

Daniel Haffel ’18 assisted Arruda with the graphic design work for the project. Additionally, several of Arruda’s high school friends helped him develop a Cosmic Clash website.

“My friends all really want to see it succeed,” he said.

If Arruda manages to secure the necessary funds from his Kickstarter campaign, he plans to approach local gaming retailers in the hope that they will start carrying Cosmic Clash in their stores. His long-term goal is to get a toy company like Hasbro to pick up his game for distribution.

Whether or not he is able to get Cosmic Clash on the market, Arruda plans to continue to pursue his dream of creating games.

“To have this dream realized would mean the world to me,” he said. “It would give my career a huge start. With the profits from the project I would plan on opening my own company, called DYL Games, LLC. I’ve already started to make some merchandise for the company. I plan on making more games if this is successful. Even if it’s not, this is just something I’m passionate about and something that I will continue to do.”