Leader in the Clubhouse

September 30, 2016

When his older brother Adam Marcoulier ’15 handed Nate Marcoulier '18 an envelope postmarked Youngstown, Pennsylvania, Nate was a bit confused. It was the night of his high school graduation and he wasn’t sure why his brother was handing him a letter from a place he’d never been.

Adam '15 and Nate '18 MarcoulierEventually, he glimpsed Arnold Palmer’s name and knew what he held in his hands – a letter from an icon. Palmer, who passed away on September 25, was a professional golfer whose six decade-long career included 62 PGA Tour wins and seven major titles.

“I was amazed; I couldn’t believe it,” said Nate, an accounting major. “I had an ear-to-ear smile going for the rest of the evening. It was the best gift I’ve ever received.”

Adam had written a letter to Palmer asking if the legend could share some advice with his younger brother as Nate headed off to begin his college career at Stonehill. In his correspondence, Adam shared a lot about their relationship as brothers and their love of golf.

“What’s really cool is that he mentioned some of the things Adam mentioned in his letter,” said Nate. “He took the time to personalize it and it showed that he paid attention. And I love the Stonehill shout-out.”

The letter (below) itself offers a few gems that Nate took to heart.

“The great thing about what he said is that they are timeless principles you can apply throughout your life. For example, knowing the importance of when and how to say thank you – that doesn’t just apply to my time here at Stonehill, that applies to my entire life. Knowing how to win by following the rules is another that he mentioned. Knowing how to treat people with respect… I’ve definitely done my best to incorporate those into my life since I got the letter.”

Nate’s respect for Palmer goes well beyond his love for golf. He has a longstanding admiration for how the legend led his life and treated the people he met day after day.

“Just based on his career, in all of sports I can’t think of anyone who’s more beloved than Arnold Palmer,” said Nate. I can’t think of anyone who did it better than he did in terms of carrying yourself, being a gentleman, looking people in the eye. He’s just a consummate professional in general.”

As for his brother, Nate knows he owes Adam big time.

“He’s the leader in the clubhouse for brother of the year,” says Nate. “It’s tough to top that.”