Fox Family

June 16, 2015

With its open fields and wooded areas, Stonehill is home to many creatures including these red foxes who appreciate that the campus offers an abundance of food with few disturbances from people or dogs, according to Associate Professor of Biology Greg Maniero, who studies the effects of environmental stressors, whether natural or man-made, on the physiological processes of animals. 

Maniero’s colleague Assistant Professor of Biology Bronwyn Bleakley adds that “because foxes need a good amount of food, they maintain pretty large home ranges, throughout which they'll hunt. Rocky areas on campus provide lots of options for dens and the continuous suitable habitat makes it possible for them to successfully hunt enough food. Protected habitats support all parts of the food web and we have quite a bit of native green space.”

 Local photographer Rocky Crowe took these pictures of cub foxes last month near the baseball field. To see all of Crowe’s photos of campus foxes, visit