Former Trustee William Devin ’60 Receives Genesis Award

October 9, 2015

After the College’s trustees met on Thursday, October 8, they, along with other members of the College community, gathered for dinner in the Pettit Atrium. At that event, President John Denning, C.S.C. presented alumnus and former trustee William “Bill” Devin ’60 with the Genesis Award.

Over three decades, Devin, who recently stepped down from the Board, has served three Stonehill presidents—Fr. Denning, Rev. Mark Cregan, C.S.C. and Rev. Bartley MacPhaidin, C.S.C.—in a variety of roles.

In reading the Genesis Award citation, Fr. Denning highlighted Devin’s record of astute financial and investment advice, his senior leadership and his talent for always letting his actions do the talking. He noted that the award has not been given for many years, but that the recipient  has been stellar in everything he has done for the College. The citation reads as follows:

Citation Text
As an alumnus and as a trustee, you have been steadfast in sharing your exceptional talents and great energy with the College…we are so much stronger and vibrant thanks to the guidance you have provided across three decades.

Bill, on a personal level, I am grateful to you for your friendship and your wise counsel, which have made me a better person and a better priest.

Your colleagues on the Board of Trustees will attest to your fairness and the careful attention that you devote to representing and serving the College. In two comprehensive campaigns, Securing the Vision and Attaining the Summit, you demonstrated the kind of leadership that spurs others to action and moves an institution forward.

genesisThanks to the Devin scholarship that you and your wife, Sue, Class of 2004, created, many alumni have received a Stonehill education.  Always understated, you let your actions do the talking and therein lies so much of your talent and creativity, which is why we present you with this Genesis Award.

Genesis Award
In its physical form, the Genesis Award, left, consists of a bronze depiction of Adam and Eve before the Tree of Knowledge. Designed by the artist Enrico Manfreni from Milan, it represents the choice that Adam and Eve had between good and evil in the Garden of Eden.

Given in recognition of talent and creativity in service to Stonehill or the community, it is modelled after the last work of art commissioned by Pope Paul VI. A larger version of the bronze depiction of Adam and Eve is on display in Donahue Hall.