A Dozen Valentine Vignettes

February 14, 2012

We asked faculty, staff and students to tell us in 20 words or less what they like most or least on Valentine's Day whether it be a poem, a song, a tradition, a prayer, a movie, a destination, a meal, or a memory. Below is a sampling of 12 responses we received.

First Passionate Kiss:
Experiencing that magical feeling of a first passionate kiss, after waiting months to see my boyfriend.
-Desiree Piette '15

Movie Magic: Seeing Casablanca at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, a must at least once in your life.
-Georgia Antonopoulos, Center for Nonprofit Management

A Haiku to Her Boys: A sweet smile, a hug. No grand gestures or fru-fru. I love you tells all.
-Jane Cartier, MacPhaidin Library

Without Love, A Big Miserable Mess: Valentine's Day is so commercialized. Every day, you should show the ones you love how much you love them and how special they are, not just on special occasions. Every day, love should be celebrated, because what would the world be without love? A big miserable mess.
-Molly Hanlon '13

My Father: Valentine's Day is the day to remember a special person in your life. Warm Wishes to my 97-year old father.
-Shelley Leahy, Academic Services

Poetry: I like spending it with my boyfriend doing dinner, a movie, and exchanging meaningful cards, and giving him something like a poem.
- Kristen Sundberg '13

Wine & Truffles: Every Valentine's Day, I give my husband a box of Hilliard's truffles. We enjoy them with a glass of wine!
-Diane Maki, Finance

Not Just Some Corny Holiday: In 2007 I spent February 14th in the hospital. Valentine's Day wasn't just some corny holiday for me that year; it was a reminder that I have all of my family and friends (who showered me with love) by my side in the toughest times.
-Lauren Bombardier '13

Sentimental Tradition: Making a three tier heart cake for my husband's birthday & Valentine's Day has been a sentimental tradition for 38 years.
-Paula Lutton, Academic Affairs

Show Your Love: Valentine's is not solely romantic. It is a good opportunity to show your love for your friends family and chocolate!
-Elizabeth Perkins '13

Luscious Chocolate Treats: I love to let all of my family and friends as well as my "sweetheart" know how much I love them not only on Valentine's Day but every day. By sending them valentine's and of course spoiling them with luscious chocolate treats!
-Terri Mackey, Information Technology

Another Sweet Pick: CHOCOLATE!!!
-Donna Myles, Academic Services


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