Monday Morning Update

April 21, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt: For the fourth year in a row, the main quad was transformed into a playground for children hunting for Easter eggs at the annual Alumni Easter Egg Hunt. Sponsored by the Alumni Office, the event attracted nearly 200 children and an equal number of alumni parents and grandparents. To see photos from the popular event, visit here.

Music Makers: The American Studies class is called The Electric Guitar in American Culture and the 23 students who are taking it this semester do not just study the history of the iconic instrument, they are also learning to build their own. Taught by Professor Todd Gernes, the class explores the electric guitar as an instrument, symbol and artifact of modern culture. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the students study the impact of the electric guitar on music, from blues to heavy metal, and they dig into the lives of the musicians and manufacturers who gave the electric guitar its cultural status. For more on this story, including photos of the students working on their guitars, visit here.

Marketing Innovator: Ever since graduating from Stonehill three years ago with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Corinne Sherman ’11 has been on the fast track to success. Leaving the College with four internships under her belt, Sherman says she is forever thankful that her degree allowed her to be “a true innovator” in the field of marketing. In 2012, she joined eBay’s first Global Social Analytics team and already has six patents pending in the field of social commerce. She recently led an eBay team that built the company’s first Social Commerce Dashboard and is developing innovative solutions focused on social data and Social Network Optimization for the company. To learn more about Sherman and her journey, visit here.

Relay Rally: More than 450 students, staff and alumni, organized in 38 teams, recently raised $46,304 for cancer research when they walked in the College’s tenth annual Relay for Life. That means Stonehill walkers have contributed almost $450,000 to the American Cancer Society over the last decade. We salute all the walkers for their dedication. To see photos from the 12-hour event, visit here.

Student Designers: The work of our graphic design majors is now on display at the Carole Calo Gallery in the Cushing-Martin building. The exhibition includes work in advertising, publication design, motion graphics, web design, typography, package design, and more. For more, stop into the Calo Gallery or visit here.

Senate Service: Two former U.S. Senators, Paul Kirk and Mo Cowan, will visit the Martin Institute on Monday, May 5 to reflect on their Senate service and to discuss national politics. Co-sponsored by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate and the Martin Institute, the forum will be moderated by NECN’s Allison King. Kirk is well known to the Stonehill community from his service as a trustee while Cowan visited the College in March when White House advisor David Simas ’92 spoke on campus. This Senate Forum is free and open to the public. For more, visit here.

Raymo Photos: Following up on our story from last week, about the alumni who surprised Professor Chet Raymo with a scholarship in his name, we have some photos from the event. They capture the respect and affection that these alumni, all of whom participated in the 3-2 engineering program with the University of Notre Dame that Raymo pioneered, have for Raymo.  To see them, visit here.