Monday Morning Update

June 17, 2013

Healthcare Costs: A hip replacement can cost anywhere from $5,300 in Oklahoma to $223,000 in California, which highlights the pricing mismatches in healthcare costs in America today. In a recent Ask the Experts article, Card Hub asked Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration Mitchell Glavin for insight on how healthcare prices vary so drastically. For Glavin, the turning point came in the 1980s when Medicare went to a flat fee structure and list prices charged by hospitals lost their meaning. To read this assessment, visit here.

Balancing Act: For science and religion scholar Karl Giberson, teaching courses on controversial subjects is a balancing act, especially when professors have a public, or even private, position on the controversy. In a recent Huffington Post article, he noted that professors: “are authority figures with powers of persuasion that should not be used to move students to positions that do not represent the mainstream thinking on the topic. Students should not leave a class, science or otherwise, with the idea, for example, that there are serious questions in the scientific community about the validity of evolution. But there is nothing wrong with exploring minority, outsider and even eccentric ideas of thoughtful scholars, especially when those scholars wield considerable cultural influence, or are tackling big mysteries, like free will, consciousness or the existence of God.”  To read his full article, visit here.

Cogs Remembered: Every summer for 12 years, the classmates, friends and family of Timothy Coughlin ’80 have been gathering on Long Island for the Cogs Classic Golf Tournament. The event honors the Wall Street trader who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. More than 150 people participated in the event over the weekend, netting about $100,000. That brings the total raised for the Coughlin Scholarship to over $1.6 million. In addition, Tim’s family and classmates have supported the expansion of the Sports Complex and W.B. Mason Stadium, which is home to the Timothy J. Coughlin Memorial Field.  We appreciate the funds raised, which help our students, but also the loyalty of those who keep Tim’s legacy alive at Stonehill.

Scientific Research: For the third summer in a row, under the auspices of the Gordon Research Conferences, more than 1,000 of the world’s top scientists are living on campus while exploring frontier research.The topics being examined range from understanding the functions of amygdala, a brain structure known to play a pivotal role in emotional processes, to biological mechanisms in evolution. Our Conference & Event Services Office credits the Shields Science Center for attracting such a high-level conference with international participants.

End of Life: Does the Catholic Church believe that human life must be prolonged as long as possible regardless of the circumstances? The Rev. Jim Fenstermaker, C.S.C. ’77 thinks that many people incorrectly believe this is the case. In a recent article, however, the former Campus Minister challenged the belief that the Church wants people to be in pain and articulated its position on end-of life issues. To read his article, visit here.

Dog Gone: Last week, police and animal control officers scrambled across the Stonehill campus, trying to catch a black pit bull called Lulu. After being in a car accident on Route 24, the two-year-old dog fled the scene and was on the run for 24 hours. Rescuers finally tracked her to a wooded area near the Belmont West apartment complex in Brockton where a food trap helped to end the search. For more on Lulu’s odyssey, visit here.