Monday Morning Update

April 15, 2013

Presidential Search Update: Last week, the Stonehill community turned out in large numbers to engage in the process for selecting our next president. Given such participation, the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee Bill Devin '60 requested, on behalf of the Committee, that we share a message of thanks from him:

Thank You: "We asked for your input on the presidential search and the response has been magnificent. Our finalists, Fr. John Denning, C.S.C. and Fr. David Tyson, C.S.C., spent two days hearing from faculty, staff, students, alumni and trustees who came to the sessions prepared with thoughtful questions and issues. To everyone who took the time to attend, we are grateful to you for your commitment to this process. To those who asked questions, thank you for standing up and engaging. To those who submitted feedback forms, please know that we will use that information as we assess the finalists and make our recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Allow me also to publicly express our appreciation to Fathers Denning and Tyson for their professionalism and their willingness to serve the College as its next president." -Committee Chair Bill Devin.

Top Paper: Our student newspaper, The Summit, has been recognized as one of the best in New England by the New England Society of Newspaper Editors. The Summit took third place in the organization's annual Best College Newspaper of the Year contest and will be honored at its awards ceremony in May. "It is gratifying to have our hard work recognized," said Summit editor Paige Allen '13. "We've always known our student newspaper staff was top notch. Now, these student-journalists are recognized by the pros in the field," added Summit faculty advisor Maureen Boyle, who also directs the Journalism Program.

Waste Not: They recycle left over furniture. They offer reusable "to go" containers instead of disposable ones. They collect old running shoes, sending the gently used ones to Kenya with the rest being used in the construction of track & tennis courts. They are the students in the Stonehill chapter of Enactus, a nonprofit that harnesses student entrepreneurship in addressing social problems. For their creativity in preventing waste, they recently won Rookie of the Year & Regional Champ awards from Enactus. Next up, they will compete in the national competition in May.

Reusable: Speaking of "to go" containers, it is reported that Stonehill students use 4,000 disposable containers a week, almost all of which ends up in landfills. Frustrated by this situation, four students, Paige Begley '13, Jessica Mardo '13, Sean Davenport '15 & Cameron Hill '13 are running a Grab the Green initiative this week. Their goal is to encourage their fellow students to use green, reusable containers, instead of plastic, disposable ones, or just eat in the Dining Commons. Watch out for their campaign.

Sixties Stonehill: Watching college students respond enthusiastically to recent speeches by President Barack Obama, Ed Costar '70 found himself asking what do these idealistic kids know about the cruel cold world? But then, he wondered if he had ever been like them? That prompted him to write about Stonehill in the sixties, a turbulent time when the shadow of the Vietnam War, the draft and deferment hung over students. His article from the Fall River Herald News captures the mood on campus at that time, including a student march to Brockton to protest outside the draft board.

Life After Tragedy: When first-year student Jeffrey Cooney took his life in Holy Cross Center in December 2011, the Stonehill community rallied to support and comfort Jeff's parents and his four brothers. Recently, Jeff's mother, Sue, gave an interview to the Stonehill Alumni Magazine in which she speaks about Jeff's struggle with depression and how her family is learning to live again. She also talks about the "open arms" of the Stonehill community, especially students who reached out to her with great compassion. With this and other stories, the new edition of the Stonehill Alumni Magazine will be in your campus mail boxes this week.