Monday Morning Update

May 16, 2016

Outcomes Update: By the time they walk off the stage with their diplomas next Sunday, most members of the Class of 2016 will have secured a job, a graduate school placement or a position in a year-of-service program. To find out why this is the case at Stonehill and to meet 11 seniors who knew where they were going even before they took their final exams, visit here.

Guarding Time: Here’s some Commencement advice on the value of time that educator Richard Yanikoski ’68 shared with a previous graduating class. He wrote: “Your most important asset is your time. Guard it. Use it judiciously for what counts most. You cannot know how much of it you will have. You can do little to increase it.  Everything that wastes time steals part of your life. Focus when you work. Put work aside when you play. Love like there is no tomorrow. Pray that there is a tomorrow. Savor every moment, even the tough ones. From them you will learn how precious time is. Thank God for all you have—every day.” 

Mind & Heart: In a recent reflection, President John Denning, C.S.C. wrote that a Holy Cross education seeks to ensure that “our students not only grow in wisdom but also develop as men and women of the highest character and integrity.” He added “as educators in the faith, we seek to help our students integrate both the mind and the heart in their academic studies, as well as within their daily lives.” Fr. John’s reflection appears in The Cross, Our Only Hope: Daily Reflections in the Holy Cross Tradition, which includes reflections from many Holy Cross religious, including 11 who work at Stonehill or who serve in local ministries. To read his full reflection, visit here.  We have five copies of the Ave Maria Press book. Email

Highest Honor: Alumna Nicole Bollerman ’10 will receive one of the College’s highest honors, the President's Award for Excellence, at the President’s Dinner on June 2. Just before Christmas 2014, Bollerman, a third-grade teacher, won $150,000 in a contest and decided to donate it to UP Academy, the charter school in Dorchester where she works. Her generosity prompted widespread attention, ranging from a front page story in The Boston Globe to an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For more, visit here.                                       

Mobile Market: In just over a minute, Alison Murray ’18 reports on The Farm’s mobile market initiative, which works to give our neighbors in need better access to nutritious, affordable, and fresh locally grown food. To see the video, which Madison McGlone '18 shot and edited on her iPad, visit here. To see a photo of the Market’s stylish new van, which will transport the Farm’s produce to its Mobile Market locations, visit here. Thanks to Craig and Lisa Hyslip, parents of Samantha Hyslip ’18, who generously donated the van.

Detective Story: A detective with the Norfolk Police Department and a middle school resource officer, Michelle Palladini ’04 was recently honored by the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement. A criminology student at Stonehill, Detective Palladini was hailed for the many mentoring programs she has launched to help students develop positive decision-making skills. In her community outreach, she also works closely with parents and senior citizens. Early in her law enforcement career, Detective Palladini worked for the Stonehill College Police Department for two years.

Creepy Crawlers: Resident bug expert Professor Nick Block recently profiled 16 insects that fly, crawl and creep around campus. An Assistant Professor of Biology, Block not only shared his expertise with Alumni Magazine readers, he also took great photos of the insects for the story. Based on his popular article, we have a limited edition poster, 16 x 20 inches, featuring these campus creepy crawlers. To see the poster, visit here. To see if you might win a free poster, email