Using EJournals

Don't forget that not everything is available in full text online. The library still owns many paper and microform copies of hundreds of journal titles. You should check HillSearch or the Classic Catalog for a title that is not in EJournals before you attempt to request an article from Interlibrary Loan.

As always if you need additional help, please contact the reference librarians at 508-565-1203.

Some Tips for Using EJournals  
  • First, search for your title in EJournals.
  • On this page, you can search for a journal title, for a specific publisher (i.e. Elsevier or Blackwell) or for a title by ISSN. Choose which type of search you wish to conduct. Remember that you can search within all three of these indexes by choosing the “All of the Above” option.

  • Second, you must choose how you want to search. The three options available are listed below.


  • Contains:
    This is the default option. Use this option to do a title keyword search. Type in "american journal history" and the search tool with return 8 entries including the Journal of American History.

  • Begins with:
    This searches for the beginning of the title. If you search for "journal of american," you will receive all 13 journal titles that begin with this phrase.

  • Exact match:
    Use this option to search for an exact title. Type in "journal of american history" to search for this one specific title.


Once you conduct a search, you will retrieve a list of results. Sometimes, there will be no results. In this case, you may need to revise your search terms, or if you have already searched a specific title, then the library does not own any rights to that particular journal in an online format. Please be sure to check HillSearch to see if we own the title in print or microform.

The links that follow the title are links to either the online journal or to the database where the online journal content resides. You will find that many links take you right to the actual title. For instance, if you search for the exact title Journal of Coastal Conservation, you will get a result that looks like this:

Clicking on the JSTOR link will take you directly to the Journal in JSTOR; the page will look like this:


However, there are some database that do not support linking directly to the online journal. In the case of the American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, for instance, full text articles from this journal are included in Academic OneFile and Expanded Academic ASAP. If you search for this title, your results screen will look like this:


When you click on either link, you will be taken to the database, where you can search for content in the Journal. Rather than a linked list of journal issues, you will see a search page that looks like this:


SEARCH TIP: The coverage date for the online editions of a particular journal are on the second line of each individual entry, after the link. For the Journal of American & Comparative Cultures, the electronic full-text coverage period is from 2000 through 2002.


It is important to note this field. The library does not have online access to any issues that are not dated within this time frame. Many title entries, like Journal of American College Health, are covered in multiple databases. Often times, there will be different coverage dates - although sometimes the coverage dates will be the same: