Using SciFinder Scholar

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  1. Everyone must register and create their own username and password in order to use SciFinder Scholar. To do this go to,
  2. Register for SciFinder Scholar by entering your contact information, a username and password and selecting a registration question. Then, click Register. NOTE: You must use your or email address to register. This is a requirement by the SciFinder Scholar vendor.
  3. You will receive an email verification to your Stonehill email address. The email will contain the license agreement. By clicking on the link, you are agreeing to CAS's terms and conditions of use.
  4. You are now all set to use SciFinder Scholar. To use SciFinder Scholar, go to
  5. Need more help? Contact the Reference Department at 508-565-1203 or by email.

Additional Information:

  • Please remember that the MacPháidín Library shares three licenses with several other institutions. If you cannot log into SciFinder Scholar, try again later.
  • Use of SciFinder Scholar is only available from on campus. Off-campus access is only available on a limited basis. See Professor Lious Liotta for information.