All members of the Stonehill Community have free access to the electronic versions of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. To access each digital publication, you need to complete brief registration forms. Once done, you’ll be able to view the publications’ digital content and get access to additional features for digital subscribers.

If you’ve returned to campus after a term abroad, an internship, or sabbatical, you might find you no longer have access to the publications. It’s possible your pass has expired and needs to be renewed. Follow the steps below to either register or re-register for access.

New York Times 

To access content, you must first register for a NYTimes Pass. While logged in, you can access unlimited content from any network or location for the duration of your pass. 

To set up your pass:  

  • Go to the New York Times NYTimes Pass registration site and click on "create account"
  • Provide your Stonehill email address and create a password
  • You must provide your Stonehill email address to confirm you are affiliated with the college
  • You will be asked to indicate whether you are a student or faculty member
  • You will be notified of the pass's expiration date when you complete registration. You will be given the option of setting a calendar reminder to renew your NYTimes Pass when it expires 

Wall Street Journal 

Registration for the Wall Street Journal’s electronic version requires community users to provide some additional information. 

To set up access: 

  • Go to to activate your account. This will direct you to your university’s single sign on page, where you should sign in with your Stonehill credentials.
  • After verifying your school credentials, you will be directed to to create your account. You will be asked to complete the following fields: Account Type (Professor, Staff or Student); First & Last Name; Email Address; Password; Graduation Month & Year (Students Only).
  • Please note that your email address and password will become your login credentials when accessing content directly on or using our WSJ app.
  • After successfully creating an account, you will be redirected to WSJ’s confirmation page. Click on “Okay, Let’s Go” to customize your experience.