Question marksIf you are among those who remain blissfully aware of the upcoming presidential election (I’m so jealous), you have a big decision coming up! On Tuesday, November 3rd we will be selecting the next president of the United States, either Donald J. Trump or Joseph R. Biden. Both men have made their views on a wide variety of issues quite clear, so if you are not sure whose views and policies will best align with your preferences, there are easy ways to find out. Britannica has created the helpful site Pro/Con which has a nice chart, and even a helpful quiz which can compare your preferences with not only the two main candidates, but also the Green and Libertarian candidates. One note of caution - all the candidates do not appear on all states’ ballots. If you want to read more, the New York Times has their Election 2020 election coverage.  If you have not yet set up your Stonehill New York Times account, you can do so here.  The New York Times site pass is the best thing ever! You can read the New York Times on your phone wherever you are. All of the major broadcasters also have their own Decision 2020 sites, NBC, ABC, and CBS. If you want to watch a deep dive into how we got our election system, watch Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj on Netflix. The comedian breaks down the flaws in the winner take all system. 

No matter who you choose, remember to cast your vote wither by mail as early as possible, or in person on November 3rd.