As the semester winds down, the library staff wants to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. We can see how hard you’ve been working, and you deserve some time to spend resting and relaxing with family and friends. We send out especially glad tidings to our student workers. They’ve been dealing with the stress of final papers, presentations, and exams all while helping us help keep this place running. We surveyed them, and here is a top ten list of things they are looking forward to on break (in no particular order).

  1. NOT writing papers
  2. Reading for pleasure/entertainment
  3. Making cookies with Mom
  4. Playing in the snow (hopefully)
  5. Wrapping gifts
  6. Seeing my pet (dogs, cats, and a gecko were all mentioned)
  7. Soaking up holiday spirit (decorations, carols, holiday shopping, etc.)
  8. Sleeping
  9. Seeing friends and family
  10. Eating home-cooked food

Happy holidays! We look forward to seeing you in January.