Trish McPherson – Reference Librarian

“Every Thanksgiving, if the weather permits, my family and I take a walk to The Knob – either soon after we pop the turkey in the oven, or after the dinner is done. 

The Knob is a spectacular spot in Falmouth. I’m told it was once a place that was frequented mostly by locals, but thanks to a feature story in The Boston Globe and a write-up on Trip Advisor, it has become a very popular spot. It’s tough to grab one of the few parking spots on a nice summer day, but we never seem to have a problem in November. 

If you follow the pathways on the Knob, you’ll wind your way through woods, pass a lovely beach (a favorite summer swimming spot) and make your way to a causeway. The causeway ends atop a promontory that provides visitors a spectacular view across Buzzards Bay. On a clear day, you can see the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal, New Bedford, and The Elizabeth Islands. 

There are usually many other families at The Knob on Thanksgiving Day. We often take turns taking pictures for one another, marking another holiday pilgrimage. We didn’t make it to The Knob last year. I am looking forward to getting back there later this month.”

Lindsay Boezi – Reference Librarian

“In my family, Thanksgiving is also game night.  Each year, the extended family gathers together, with each household bringing at least one new game for the group to play.  We usually play board or table-top games, but we have also tried various video games and team games that can be played on our smartphones.  Game playing always occurs after Thanksgiving dinner, which gives us some time to digest that big meal and make room for dessert!  Each family member has his or her own interests and talents, which is why we try to vary the games that we play each year.  Some of our favorite games have included the board games Word Slam and Codenames, video games Fibbage and You Don’t Know Jack, and smartphone game Heads Up!.

Because we have some talented musicians in the family, it has also become tradition for our Thanksgiving game nights to dissolve into impromptu group sing-alongs, with musically inclined family members playing guitar or piano.”

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