Library staff members are routinely impressed by the work done by Stonehill’s student researchers. “Researcher Spotlight” will be a regular feature of the library’s monthly newsletter. It will introduce you to some of these researchers and provide you with some information about the intriguing work they're doing. In this, the first installment of “Researcher Spotlight” you’ll meet one of our graduate students who is using library resources to investigate how she can marry her passion for cooking, food, and marketing to create a new product and launch her career as an entrepreneur.


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Name: Julia Weinstein 


Hometown: Easton, MA


Major: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Master’s degree anticipated in Dec. 2021.


What are you working on?  Capstone Project: Passion Pops – a popsicle company I’ve wanted to start for many years. The capstone class is where we combine all the integrated marketing skills we have learned to create a comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan. 


Describe what your project will be when finished. At the end of the semester each student will have created their own integrated marketing plan for their business that must be minimum of 50 pages. A few components that this plan will include are a research-based SWOT analysis; a segmenting, targeting, and positioning analysis; details about design of the company from logos to advertising; and information about how we will measure the success of our companies. 


Why does this topic interest you?  I have always wanted to start this company. I love cooking and have worked in restaurant kitchens professionally as a line cook. Passion Pops would allow me to combine my love of flavor combinations with my interest in food and nostalgia. 


What types of library resources have you used?  I have used mainly library databases, such as Business Source Premier. There was a wonderful section on the library website that was set up specifically for my IMC capstone class that I have been using.  As I continue my paper, I know I will use these features even more in helping collect information on my target segmenting. Segmenting is the process of breaking down your audience into groups based on various characteristics such as demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral.  


How have the library resources shaped your research?  They have definitely helped show me just how big the frozen novelties market is. I knew it was large, but I didn’t realize just how much money was involved. It has also been interesting to learn that during the pandemic, when many businesses were struggling, the ice-cream and frozen novelties market actually rose by a substantial amount. This was because during a time of distress people were turning to things for comfort and for many a tasty dessert treat was just that!  


What is the most interesting source you’ve used during your research? I really enjoy Business Source Premier (database). I have gotten some great information that is both qualitative and quantitative.


Have you learned anything about the library and its collections you didn’t know before starting this project? I didn't know all of the sorting you can do when searching for items. From types of information to dates. This has been very helpful.  (editor’s note: Business Source Premier, Julia’s favorite database, allows you to search for information in a host of ways, including by company name, ticker symbol and NAICS classification. As Julia notes, you can sort your Business Source Premier search results by different types of information including market reports, product reviews, trade journal publications, and more.)


Do you have any advice for fellow student researchers? - Definitely make an appointment to meet with someone from the library. I have done this with multiple classes, and it has really helped ease my anxiety.  I have met with different people from the library, and everyone has been equally helpful and extremely nice. It’s also super easy to book an appointment. For me it was sort of a no-brainer asking for help because I knew it was only going to improve any research I could on my own.