The Stonehill community appears to like podcasts, based on the feedback we received about last month’s happiness podcast recommendations. This month, Librarian Trish McPherson has some podcast suggestions for her fellow book lovers.  

Librivox – Trish urges book nerds like herself to subscribe to this podcast. It consists of audio book versions of works in the public domain (no longer subject to copyright). You’ll find classic novels, poetry, plays and more. One thing to note: the narration is provided by Librivox volunteers, some who have a better talent for narration than others. Usually, more popular works will have a variety of versions (there are five different versions of Pride and Prejudice, for example). It’s likely you’ll be able to find one to suit your taste.  

What Should I Read Next?  - This is a question that plagues book lovers. We have a big stack of books by our nightstands and dozens more downloaded to our Kindles. Where to begin? Anne Bogel, host of this podcast, can provide some direction. Listeners are encouraged to fill out a form on the podcast’s website asking them to list three books they loved, one book they hated, and the title of what they’re currently reading. Each episode, Bogel welcomes one of her listeners as a guest and they discuss the answers. Bogel then makes recommendations for their next read based upon their responses, usually suggesting both a classic and a contemporary work. Trish notes this podcast introduced her to works she never heard of. One recent guest listed Madame Bovary as one of her favorites – Trish’s too. Bogel suggested Indiana, published in 1832 by French author Amantine Aurore Dupin under the pseudonym George Sand. She also suggested The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischwili. Published in 2019, this book was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “[A]n exceptional, deeply evocative saga of an elite Georgian family as they endure the 20th century’s political upheavals, from before the Bolshevik Revolution through the post-Soviet era.” These are now both on Trish’s to-read (or listen) list. Indiana is available to listen to on Librivox. The Eighth Life is available as an eBook from the Boston Public Library.  

The Book Review – This New York Times podcasts featured renowned authors and editors from the New York Times Review of Books. They discuss authors’ works, what they are reading, and news from the literary world. The Book Review’s staff have been releasing episodes for 15 years. Over that time guests have included Toni Morrison, John Updike, John Grisham, Colson Whitehead, and many more.  

Do you have podcasts you like to listen to for relaxation and entertainment? Send along your suggestions to We’ll feature student, faculty, and staff recommendations in future newsletter editions.