Do you have abibliophobia – a fear of running out of reading material?  Not to worry – National Book Month is here!

National Book Month takes place annually in October and is a time to recognize the importance of reading, writing, and literature.  Sponsored by the National Book Foundation, this observance coincides with the annual National Book Awards, which will be announced on Wednesday, October 17.  Through the National Book Awards, we celebrate the best literature in America, promote it to a wide audience, and ensure that reading holds an important place in American culture.

But why is reading so important?  Not only does reading a library book provide free entertainment, reading also exercises your brain, improves your memory, expands your vocabulary through exposure to unfamiliar words, promotes mental health by reducing stress, and provides opportunities to learn something new!  With such a myriad of benefits, why not pick up a few new books and set aside some time this month to read?

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate book month:

  • Read a book and then watch the movie version of the same story.
  • Do a book exchange with friends or classmates and read their favorites.
  • Find out what books are currently up for awards and read one.
  • Visit the library and check out the Leisure Reading section.
  • Write a book review and post it on Amazon or Goodreads.