In early 2023, the library welcomed Garrett McComas as our Digital Scholarship and Research Librarian. Garrett is part of our Reference Team, but is also the library's main point of contact for the Digital Innovation Lab.

What attracted you to the position of Digital Scholarship Librarian at MacPhaidin Library?  

I am interested in helping students and faculty learn to navigate new technologies and digital platforms. I am also excited to help with digital projects and to see what type of creativity the people on campus have. Stonehill reminds me a lot of my undergraduate education, where everyone is focused on working with students and fostering their growth, so I’m excited to work on projects that are oriented towards curricula. 

What types of programs do you want to implement? What is the library’s place in digital scholarship? 

I would like to continue to build on the foundation of the Digital Innovation Lab. I think having a “suite” of digital platforms that the library supports will be key in helping to build digital scholarship capacity and digital literacy across campus. I’m interested in types of research like using GIS data, text mining, using design principles, and many others! I’d also like to continue student involvement throughout the process. 

You are coming from a large, research focused institution in the University of Connecticut. What goals and values are transferrable to a place like Stonehill? 

Although I was working at a much larger university, the unit I was working in is very student-focused and community-oriented. I think a lot of the lessons I learned there are easily applicable to a place like Stonehill. Greenhouse Studios is interested in breaking down hierarchies in research by having students work as equals on projects and research, and I can already see a lot of the same values at Stonehill that I’d like to add to and expand on.  

You’ve only been on campus a short time, but is there anything that has struck you about the institution?  

Everyone I’ve met has been very open and supportive. It does feel like the people here want to do good things for their students and peers. I also like taking walks around campus. It is very pretty!