Welcome Skyhawks! We are very happy to see students streaming into the building and have enjoyed the chance to meet so many of you. A special welcome to our first-year students and those members of the sophomore class who studied remotely last year. We think you will find the library a comfortable and welcoming space, whether you are looking for a quiet spot to study, need a place where you and your classmates can rehearse a group presentation, or just want to grab a coffee with friends. Look around, we are confident you will find your “spot”. 

We are also eager for you to discover all we have to offer in addition to the traditional library services and resources you will need for your classes. If you haven’t explored MacPhaidin Library yet, you might be surprised at some of the items you find on our shelves, such as: 

Entertainment/Recreation Collection 

  • The Library of Things – Didn’t bring your game console to school? Check out one of ours. Looking for something to do with your roommates? Borrow our corn hole or spike ball sets. These items and more can be found in our Library of Things. Located on the first floor of the library across from Ace’s Place, the library of things includes tech items, a variety of gaming consoles, musical instruments, crafting supplies, board games, and more. All items may be checked out at The Desk for one week.
  • Leisure Reading Collection – Located next to the Library of Things, the Leisure Reading Collection features a wide array of literary fiction, romance, biography, fantasy, mystery, and horror books. Leisure Reading books may be borrowed for 30 days with one, 15-day renewal. 

College Success Books and eBooks in our Collection 

The print books and eBook listed below might help you with organization, productivity, self-care, and other facets of navigating college life. 

College Eating (Cookbooks in our Collection) 

Whether you live in a dorm, off campus, or commute from home, you’ve got to eat. The following books might help you find some quick and easy recipes you can whip up from wherever. 

Enjoy exploring what we have to offer!