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Featured Stories:

  • Concerned about election integrity?  With Nov. 3 nearing, the debate over mail-in voting continues to rage.  A recent article from Newsday details President Donald Trump's claims that mail-in voting will lead to massive voter fraud and call into question the validity of election results.  That same article details the results of a series of studies that indicate cases of mail-in voting fraud are rare.
  • The Stonehill Students In Action (SIA) group held a campus sit-in on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to address racial injustice here on campus.  During this event, students, faculty, and alumni spoke about their personal experiences with racial inequalities and called upon Stonehill’s leaders to enact lasting change that will unite the Stonehill community as a true ‘family’.
  • Stress Reduction: To say this a stressful time is an understatement. The pandemic rages on, protests over systemic racial injustice continue, and a deeply divided electorate is preparing for Nov. 3. Looking ahead can be anxiety provoking.  Fortunately, there are many resources, ranging from free apps, streaming movies and electronic library books that can help take your mind of the news of the day.

Additional News:

  • Stress relief tips: The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way we live our everyday lives.  Having trouble coping with the stress of this new normal?  Follow the library's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to read the library staff's tips for relieving stress and preserving your mental health.
  • Book a Study Space:  Need a study space or a place to take an online class?  Check out the study spaces that are available to students on campus.  These spaces can be booked from 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Make an Appointment with a Librarian: Librarians are here to help you, whether you are on campus or off.  Use our easy LibCal system to book your appointment.
  • SOAR: Stonehill showcases student and faculty work in the college’s new digital repository, SOAR. Check out some of the documents that are in the repository on the library home page. 
  • Text Line: Even though you may be off campus, you can still text a librarian at 508-709-0223 for help with your research.  
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