Technical Help

Printer jams

  • If you notice a printer jam when you go to retrieve your print job, please do not try to remove the jam yourself. Please tell the staff at the Circulation Desk and they will take care of the jam.

Problems with a PC

  • Please remember that all public library computers in the library use DeepFreeze. This program erases all personal data – internet browsing history, saved documents to the computer, and personal settings – each time the computer is restarted. Please save everything you work on to a personal USB-drive or your OneDrive (accessible through myHill).

  • When working on one of the public computers in the library, if you notice a problem, please tell someone at the Circulation Desk as soon as possible. The Circulation Desk staff tracks slow computers, network problems, and software problems so they can be addressed as quickly as possible by the Systems Department.

  • If you are a Stonehill community member and you are unable to login to one of the computers, please contact the IT Helpdesk in Duffy 025 or at 508-565-4357 for further assistance.

Difficulty using a particular database

  • If you are experiencing difficulty using any of the databases available, please tell the Reference Librarians and they will be happy to assist you.  Difficulties may include not being able to connect to a particular electronic journal or an error in HillSearch.  Reference librarians are here to help!

  • For help with off-campus access, please contact the Circulation Desk at 508-565-1313.

Problem with Microsoft Office

  • For help using Microsoft Office, feel free to ask a Reference librarian.  Librarians can help with many common word processing problems.

Help using HillSearch

  • HillSearch searches across the library catalog and several databases by keywords.  If you are unsure how to begin a search in HillSearch, or how to narrow your search, please consult with a Reference Librarian at 508-565-1103 or stop by the Reference Desk for assistance.

  • For help with finding an item in the library, ask a staff member at the Circulation Desk for assistance.  They will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Connecting to the wireless network

  • Sometimes you may experience problems connecting to the wireless network in the library.  To easily troubleshoot, first disconnect from the wireless network and restart your computer.  All Stonehill students, staff, and faculty should connect to HillSpot when you are in the library to ensure you can access all library services.  If you are still having difficulties, feel free to bring your laptop to the Circulation Desk or the Reference Desk, where staff may be able to assist you.  For some networking problems, you will need to visit the IT Helpdesk in Duffy 025 for further assistance.

Other internet issues

  • If you experience difficulty in connecting to any webpage or accessing any network service in the library, please tell someone at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk as soon as possible.  Network cables become unplugged and cables can come loose, so we rely on our patrons to tell us when there is a problem. 

Other software issues

  • If you experience difficulty using the software loaded on any of the public computers in the library, please ask a Reference Librarian for assistance.