Hear from Kelly Trayers, Class of 2021, the inaugural recipient of the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship! 

Read below to learn more about Kelly's Stonehill experience.

About the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship will make a difference for a rising senior who is academically in good standing; and with demonstrated financial need. Factors for award consideration could be a first-generation college student, a legacy (child/grandchild) of a member of the Class of 1970, a student who has financially contributed to his own college education or is involved in college activities. This scholarship will be allocated annually (as funds allow) with the Alumni Council Scholarship Committee overseeing the administration.

Inaugural Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Kelly Trayers, Class of 2021
Field of Study: Secondary Education, History
Student Teaching Experience: 7th Grade History, Norton Middle School

What will be one of your biggest takeaways from your time at Stonehill?

One of my biggest takeaways from my time at Stonehill is how important a strong sense of community is to my wellbeing. I didn't recognize how tight knit my community was at home, until my sophomore year at Stonehill, when I realized I considered this home just as much as Scituate. I never feel alone here, and know I have roommates, peers and professors who I can go to at anytime. This is something I hope to carry with me when applying to jobs, moving to new places, and meeting new people in the future.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am in the midst of applying to grad school programs which will provide me with the opportunity to teach in my own classroom, while taking courses at night and in the summer to complete my master’s. I want my master’s in Special Education, so that I am able to teach in an inclusive setting in the future.

What excites you about the field you want to work in?

I think the most exciting thing about the field of education is that no two years will ever be the same. Each class I have will be different; students with unique backgrounds, beliefs, senses of humor, and understanding of the content. I am excited to watch my future students make friends, find hobbies and grow up together. I think I'll learn so many new things each year, so that it will rarely ever be boring.

How has attending Stonehill changed your life?

Stonehill changed my life in so many ways, but I think one of the biggest was the friends I made here. I decided to go random my freshman year, and my roommate has been my best friend since. We immediately hit it off, and have now lived together all four years. I lived in O'Hara, which is where I met most of my best friends. We all lived in Villa after, then Dunster, and now in New Hall. They've been my biggest support system these past few years, and I can't imagine not having met them.

As you reflect on Stonehill College's mission statement, what aspects have resonated most with you during your time at the College?

Stonehill has given me an abundance of opportunity to recognize the inherent dignity of each person. This belief has followed me through my education and history courses, reminding me how necessary it is to always have compassion, and to always listen to the experiences of others. As a future teacher, I'd like to keep Stonehill's mission in mind, and call upon my experiences here to show my students how to also create a more just and compassionate world.

The Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship Committee

How the Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship Began

When we first came to Stonehill in the fall of 1966, life was simple. Most of us were the first in our families to attend college. For some of us, it was the first time away from home. We became our own community, the Class of '70.

We all came of age in the same culture. This invisible bond drew us all together no matter how different we each were. We went down different paths in life with different dreams but underlining all of that was our desire to make a difference.

When our class reunion committee was planning for our 45th in 2015, we discussed creating a Class of 1970 scholarship. We got excited about this idea. A legacy of ’70. What a wonderful way to leave our class’ imprint on the College. We decided to create The Class of 1970 Memorial Scholarship which will be in memory of our classmates who have already gone before us. This will be the very first time in the College’s history that a scholarship will be named to honor deceased members of an individual class. In establishing this scholarship we celebrate our classmates’ lives so that none shall pass and be forgotten in silence.

We would like for all of us to go above and beyond to ensure a record setting gift from the Class of 1970. We have included many options on the pledge form for you to consider a gift to be paid within the next three years.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference.

Reunion Update

Given the impact and reach of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Office of Alumni Engagement has made the decision to offer the Class of 1970's reunion in June 2022.

For more details, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement (508) 565-1343.

In Memoriam

Remembering Our Classmates

Habib J. Azar
John A. Badwey
George H. Baribeault
Karen L. Bislarides
Peter F. Black
Albert D. Bolton
William F. Borden
Joseph P. Boucher
Thomas C. Cavas
Jane (Chicca) Chesmore
George N. Chiros
George Colarullo
Lucille R. Comeau Geran
M. Kathleen Coyle
Sheryll (Bellotti) Crosby
James A. Devlin
Kathleen M. (Diggins) Dewar
Joseph S. Donohue
Daniel R. Feeney
John D. Fernandes
Robert M. Fournier
William D. Gioiosa
James B. Goodhue
Mark C. Gross
Paul G. Hayes
Thomas E. Linde
Rev. William P. Linhares, TOR
Roderick A. MacLeod
Kathryn Mahoney
Martin W. McDonald
Daniel J. Moloney
James H. Montague
Janet L. Morgan
Denise A. (Perry) Murphy
M. Christine Murphy
Philip F. Murphy
Fedela Nuovo
William J. O'Donnell
Ursula R. (Connolly) Obrist
Joseph Potvin
Elton M. Rawley
Ellen H. Rhodes
Anthony L. Rossi
Diane M. (Dewald) Sale
Mary K. (Dunne) Savino
John J. Skelly
Stephen D. Sullivan
Bruce N. Sunderland
Francis A. Urciuoli
Ann M. (DelSordo) Visconti

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