At what point does the sacrifice to our personal information outweigh the public good?  

If public policymakers had access to our personal and confidential data, they could make more evidence-based, data-informed decisions that could accelerate economic recovery and improve emergency disaster responses. However, access to personal data comes at a steep privacy cost for contributors, especially underrepresented groups. For example, revealing too much location information places people at risk such as empowering stalkers to track people more easily, but too little personal, location information will severely hinder the effectiveness of issuing fire or flood evacuations.      

Join us in person or virtually for a presentation and sit-down interview with researcher, educator, and data privacy and confidentiality expert Claire McKay Bowen, who will discuss the importance of balancing these competing needs. She'll also walk through the issues the U.S. government and private sector must navigate when collecting and disseminating data. Specifically, the seminar will answer the questions of what data privacy and confidentiality is, why should you care, what is being done now and what are the future challenges using a famous piece of art.

About the Speaker

Claire McKay Bowen

Claire McKay Bowen is a principal research associate in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population and leads the Statistical Methods Group at the Urban Institute. Her research focuses on developing and assessing the quality of data privacy and confidentiality methods and improving science communication. In 2021, the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies identified her as an emerging leader in statistics for her technical contributions and leadership to statistics and the field of data privacy and confidentiality. She is also a member of the several data governance and privacy committees and an adjunct professor at Stonehill College.

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Duffy – 124/126

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