The idea of teaching math can be daunting. So many of us didn't enjoy math when we were students, and even more of us felt confused, anxious, and associated math with negative feelings. Why is this, and how can you avoid this experience for your students? Join Alison Mello, Ed.D., as she discusses key ideas that can take anyone from struggling math student to effective math teacher (yes, anyone!). Together, we will explore how to overcome math demons and become the teacher you wish you had. 

About the Speaker

Alison Mello

In addition to her work in public education, Alison Mello, Ed.D., is a published author and has spent the last decade as a national speaker, math consultant and graduate instructor of in-service teachers. For several years she served on the board of her NCTM affiliate ATMIM, and currently serves on the board of Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators.

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