Application Components

Use our online application to apply for admission. Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will be provided access to an online Application Status Portal where you will be able to monitor your application checklist, provide required supplemental documentation, and ultimately receive your admission decision.

Faculty Sponsorship (2)

We require confirmation of sponsorship from two (2) Stonehill faculty for admission to the Skyhawk Accelerated Degree program. You will list their name and email on your application. For more information, please see the Faculty Sponsorship tab of your application.

Official Transcripts

In order to complete our review of your application for admission, we must have access to an official copy of your undergraduate transcript upon graduation. If you earned your degree from Stonehill College, we will request a copy from the Registrar on your behalf.

If you earned your undergraduate degree from another institution, we will require (upon graduation) an official transcript be sent to Graduate & Professional Studies Admission at

Contact Us With Any Questions

Graduate & Professional Studies Admission assists students as they explore graduate and professional opportunities offered at Stonehill College.