Study Abroad

No education is complete without the opportunity to discover the world and our role in a global society. Reaching beyond campus borders, Stonehill students travel to countries near and far in the pursuit of knowledge, humanity and service.

Go Where Knowledge Lives

The Institute of International Education ranks Stonehill 20th in the nation for semester-long study abroad enrollment.We know there’s more to life and learning than what exists within the walls of our campus. That’s why we encourage our students to seize every opportunity to go out and find knowledge at its source. As a result, nearly 40 percent of Stonehill students study abroad — four times the national average. And other students choose to travel to gain work experience in the international marketplace.

The real-world opportunities built into our curriculum provide you with skills, experiences and networking opportunities that will serve you well — in your career, in your community and in life.

Study Abroad By the Numbers: Class of 2016

“Stonehill has made it easy for me to participate in programs abroad, in Berlin during my sophomore year and at the University of Oxford in the UK my junior year. While these were hugely different experiences, they both added tremendous value to my education and personal development.”

Josh Bankert ’16, finance major

Study Abroad: Part of Our Culture

We emphasize these high impact experiential learning experiences because they facilitate intercultural dialogue and expand international awareness. They also  challenge students to take authorship of their personal and intellectual growth within a global context. Our guided programming supports students before, during, and after an abroad experience, empowering each student to become an agent of social change and inspiring them to mindfully contribute and provide leadership within an increasingly interdependent and complex multinational society.

Last year, 211 students studied in 28 countries, from Argentina to Thailand. Our connections with direct-affiliate programs at overseas universities make international study simple, and the cost of an international program is roughly equivalent to a semester in residence at Stonehill.

Passport to New Perspectives in Over 45 Countries

Stonehill students can choose from study abroad programs in over 45 countries. Here are just some of the many examples of countries and institutions where our students travel to learn.

Recent Study Abroad Destinations
Chiang Mai University Thailand
Dubrovnik International University Croatia
*Granada Institute of International Studies Spain
University of Sydney Australia
John Cabot University Italy
*National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland
University of Salamanca Spain
Sophia University Japan
Stellenbosch University South Africa
*Umbra Institute Italy
University of Heidelberg Germany
University of Oxford England
Universite Paris - Sorbonne France
Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand

*Direct-affiliate programs

Direct-Affiliate Programs

Our connections with direct-affiliate programs at overseas universities make international study simple. Because much of what you’ll need to do to apply has already been established, we’re able to offer a simple application process. We offer direct-affiliate options with the following top institutions:

Global Learning Opportunities

Alex Esposito '17 (London)
Alex Esposito ’17 (London, England)

Internships Abroad

Stonehill’s International Internship Program also lets students gain firsthand knowledge of their chosen field even as they explore a new country and culture. One-semester internships in a variety of majors and fields are available at organizations in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Since this unique program’s launch, nearly 1,000 Stonehill students have benefited from the cultural and career experience it offers.

Recent International Internships

Dublin, Ireland
Allied Irish Bank Finance
Anti-Bullying Clinic Psychology
Grant Thornton, Ireland Accounting
Our Lady's Children's Hospital Healthcare Administration
Dublin City Hall Political Science
London, England
House of Commons — Parliament Political Science
Tiffany & Co. International Business
Tower of London Communication
Madrid, Spain
Glamour magazine International Business
Hespen & Suárez Marketing
Paris, France
Saint-Gobain Manufacturing International Studies
Secours Populaire Francais de Paris Healthcare Administration

World-Class Research

Exploring a subject through research can often go hand in hand with exploring a new city or country. At Stonehill we offer access to competitive summer research programs in universities and labs across the globe, from the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program in Nanotechnology at UMass Amherst to the Judith P. Sulzberger Internship Program at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. By collaborating with seasoned research teams, students gain practical knowledge, valuable hands-on experience and access to some of the world’s most accomplished scientists.

Global Certificate Program

G.R.A.S.P. (Global Reflections Abroad Shape Potential) is a certificate program that adds a layer of learning to students’ study or internship abroad experiences. Through a for-credit, three-part course, inquisitive students can ensure that their time studying and traveling internationally is one of self-reflection, cultural immersion and community. In addition to providing a Certificate of Global Citizenship, the program shows students how to connect their new knowledge and skills with their goals. For more information about the G.R.A.S.P. program, click here.

“I chose Stonehill because of its study abroad program. The College really values these opportunities, which is in line with my own beliefs.”

Katherine Colpitts ’17, finance major who recently finished a year of studies at the London School of Economics

We’ll Help You Pack Your Bags

Taylor Steimle '17, International Programs Peer Advisor (Granada, Spain)
Taylor Steimle ’17, International Programs Peer Advisor (Granada, Spain)

Our Office of International Programs works closely with each student to make sure their international program helps meet their academic and personal goals. Guidance is given to students from the first stages of the exploration process to departure.

We’ve also developed a number of reentry programs that encourage students to reflect on their experience while making a successful transition back to Stonehill. Our Peer Advisor Program allows returning students to serve as a resource for other students planning an international experience.

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