Energy Conservation


The cost of energy is always increasing, and our natural resources are quickly decreasing. Therefore, it is very important that everyone does their part at Stonehill College to help conserve energy.

Reporting is the key. If you see an instance where energy is being wasted and you can't resolve the situation yourself please report it to Operations by e-mailing 

Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent bulbs are slowly replacing the traditional incandescent bulb that was invented by Thomas Edison more than 120 years ago. The incandescent bulb works by heating a metal filament in a vacuum, which end up releasing 90% of the energy as heat. This makes these types of bulbs extremely inefficient. When you take into consideration, the fact that Americans keep about 73 million lights on every day for a period between four and twelve hours you can begin to see how much energy is wasted. This is why incandescent bulbs are beginning to be phased out.

How You Can Help

Log on to the following web sites for more energy conservation information: