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Double Majors

Declaring a double major will give you the opportunity to study two academic areas in considerable depth. It may have strong intellectual and career benefits for you. However, it will limit the number of free elective choices and will require careful planning and consultation with advisors. Before you commit to a double major, make sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you.

To declare a double major you must:

  1. Develop a four-year plan*, using guidance of the Hill Book, which fulfills the major requirements for each of the two majors you are considering (see major requirements);
  2. Acquire the signature of the Department Chair(s) for any new major you are proposing
  3. Sign both forms and return them to the Registrar's Office

Please note:

  1. If your majors are in different programs (B.A. vs. B.S. vs. B.S.B.A), you will receive two degrees. The major you list first will determine the degree you receive at the graduation ceremony;
  2. You may need more than 120 credits to complete all requirements, in which case you may incur additional tuition charges according to the standard college policy for course overloads (see the Hill Book for details)

Planning Worksheets

  • Course Registration Planning Worksheet - for planning the next semester's schedule, during course selection time
  • Four Year Planning Worksheet - for mapping out how your whole degree will fit in over the course of your time at Stonehill (including off-campus academic goals, such as studying abroad or doing an internship program)


The myAudit tool, accessible to all students and their advisors and found in myHill, allows you see - in a snapshot - every course that must be taken to fulfill your Cornerstone and major(s)/minor requirements. The "What If" scenarios in myAudit allow students and advisors to explore adding or changing a major or minor and the subsequent impact on a student's degree progress.

Forms for Advisors & Faculty