Community & Global Engagement

At Stonehill, we go beyond understanding the world as it is. We push past envisioning a world that is better. We act to make a more just and compassionate world a reality. Acting on the desire to make the world a better place is an intrinsic element of the Stonehill experience. Thanks to our Congregation of Holy Cross foundation, community engagement is rooted in our mission.

A Commitment to the Greater Good

The degree of engagement our students, faculty and staff achieve with the local, national and global community reflects our commitment to social justice, our belief in the inherent dignity of each person and our mission to foster critical thinking and free inquiry.

Our students are the kinds of people who get out there and make a difference. They’re in it for the experience, the people and because it’s the right thing to do. They provide nearly 100,000 hours of community service every year; building leadership skills, broadening their understanding of diversity and developing a keener sense of justice.

Whether it’s helping out at a local nursing home, participating in the Relay for Life, or building houses in Nicaragua, our students are constantly finding new and inventive ways to change the world.

Community and Global Engagement Blog

Review — Dean Cycon: Can Business Truly Promote Social Justice?

    Dean Cycon, J.D. presented a lecture on how business can promote sustainability and social justice at the Martin Institute on November 18, 2014. The audience was about sixty to seventy people, mostly students from classes. The audience was very much interested in Dean Cycon’s lecture, as he was an effective speaker and got […]

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Where did all the honey bees go?

In the past 20 years the amount of commercial honey bees in the united states has rapidly decreased by 40%. So honey farms are facing a decline of their “workers” by almost half. If a big company were to loose half of their workers it would not be able to function. It is not just […]

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