Alumni Council

The Alumni Council, a 42-member volunteer group composed of both elected and appointed members, strives to represent the views and interests of the entire alumni body through the work of its committees and programming efforts.

The Council ensures that there is clear communication between alumni and the College, and encourages participation in all aspects of the college community.

In recent years, the Council has focused a great deal of energy on the expansion of the Alumni Council Scholarship Fund, mainly through the development of a successful annual auction. Additionally, members have worked to examine and expand the relationship that exists between the alumni body and various departments on campus.

The work of the Council is extremely important to further both the reputation and the success of Stonehill College. While Council members are elected or appointed, membership on Council committees is open to all alumni.

Alumni Council Membership


  • President: Christine Ferretti '92 
  • Vice President: Jaye (Benson) Flanagan '94 
  • Treasurer: Amy Chapin '00 
  • President Emeritus: Catherine Campbell '96 


  • Virginia (Doyle) Noone '59 
  • Thomas Foley '60 
  • S. Peter Giambanco '61 
  • Frederick Hopkinson '63 
  • Anne (Murphy) Olsen ’65
  • Jeanne (Duverger) Hurley '68 
  • Joanne (Collins) Harrington ’69
  • William McAndrew '70 (Board of Fellows Representative)
  • Kenneth Chadwick ’73
  • Rev. James Fenstermaker, CSC ’77
  • William Ryan '77 
  • Frank Tenaglia '78 
  • Nicholas Karafotias '79 
  • John Gorvin `82 (Stonehill College Fund Chair)
  • Patricia Walsh '82 
  • Maribeth Kiley ’84
  • Kathleen (O'Donovan) Schwartz '86 
  • Susan (Pedersen) Jezierny ’87
  • Theodore Riordan '87 (Board of Fellows Representative)
  • Mark Mulligan ’88 (Board of Fellows Representative)
  • Dianne Qualter '89 
  • Peter Langton ’90
  • Mariette (Costa) Crisci '93 
  • Stephanie (D'Antonio) McSweeney '93 
  • Mary (Harrington ) Hart ’94
  • Stephanie (Maher) Benz ’96
  • Steven Viveiros '98 
  • Susan (MacDonald) Mancuso ’00
  • Maureen O'Neil '00 
  • Paula Koczera '01 
  • Brandon Hall ’02
  • Adam Wehrenberg '04 
  • Kristin (Morris) Ferguson '08 
  • Angel Nieves '08 
  • Brittany Topper '08 
  • Michael Murteira '09 
  • Randy Jose '12 

Alumni Council Committees

There are eight committees of the Alumni Council. Each committee has open membership – any alumnus can join. The committees work with the College on a variety of issues, plan an array of alumni events and programs, and help connect alumni with each other and with Stonehill. Committees generally meet on campus on weekday evenings once a month. Meetings generally begin at 6:30pm and include dinner.

Please contact the Alumni Office by phone at 508-565-1343 or by email at if you would like to get involved with any of the below committees. Membership is open to all alumni.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee serves as a liaison between the Academic Division of the College and the Alumni Council. Two major interests of this committee are changes in academic policy and curriculum structure. Committee members will be informed as to the challenges, progress and achievements of the students, faculty and administrators who comprise the Academic Division.


Auction Committee

The Auction Committee plans and organizes the annual Alumni Council Auction every year with proceeds benefiting scholarships at Stonehill. Committee members are charged with obtaining items for both the silent and live auctions of the evening, coming up with theme and decor ideas for the event, and working closely with the Alumni Office to make the event successful.  Committee Chairs: Stephanie Benz '96 and Joanne Harrington '96 


Awards Committee

The Stonehill College Alumni Council bestows two awards annually – the Outstanding Alumnus Award and the Alumni Service Award. The recipients of the Outstanding Alumnus Award are honored because of their professional successes, which, in turn, have brought honor to Stonehill College. The following Stonehill graduates have distinguished themselves in a variety of fields, many of them gaining national attention and recognition. The Alumni Council honors graduates who have worked for the betterment of the College and the Alumni Association with the Alumni Service Award.  Committee Chair:  Kerri Ansello '96 


Career Services Committee

The Career Services Committee offers advice and suggestions to the Office of Career Services. Committee members encourage alumni participation in the Alumni Career Network/Mentor Database and in the recruiting program for current seniors. The committee also seeks opportunities to assist fellow alumni with career-related matters. The committee is always looking for input, ideas, and new members.  Committee Chair: Susan Jezierny '87 


Community Affairs Committee

The Community Affairs Committee provides alumni input on topics relating to public relations and community service. It serves as an advisory board for the Stonehill Alumni Magazine, working with the Office of Media Relations and organizes a variety of service projects for alumni to participate in.  Committee Chair:  Jaye Benson '94 


GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade) Committee

The Alumni Council Graduates of Last Decade Committee , a volunteer group comprised of alums that are within 10 years of their graduation, strives to provide a means for recent graduates to remain connected with their Alma Mater. Through community service, social events, and career education, the Stonehill College GOLD Committee looks to foster and maintain connections among graduates of the last decade.  Committee Chair: Mike Murteira '09 


Scholarship Committee

This committee has the difficult task of awarding the Alumni Council Scholarships and the Brassil Fitzgerald Scholarships each year to qualified students entering their senior year.  Committee Chair:  Peter Langton '90 


Special Projects Committee

The purpose of the Special Projects committee is to raise additional funds for the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The Special Projects Committee planned the Alumni Council’s first two Auctions. Since the Auction has generated its own committee, the Special Projects Committee has organized alternative fundraising events, including “Art on the Hill” held in April 2006. This group also evaluates alumni affinity program proposals.  Committee Chair: Amy Chapin '00